A Boarding Pass:  To Abandon Portland & Lake Owego, Oregon We’ll Get You, Your Family, Your Business & People There Out.  To Safe Republican Ground.[i]

Trump For Hero in the Christian Church of The Anglican (Episcopal) Communion because of results like this nine points:

Destroy The Organized Crime Cartels, Indict the Democrat Crime Alliance, Climate People & Socialist

Unified Effort to End Organized Crime Cartels

Democrats Damage Humanity for Fool Impeachment Attempts on a legitimate Republican President,

Elections Go Socialist’ Way, In The USA, really?

Serious Criminal Problems with the USA Democrats,

Too The Episcopal & Anglican Communion, & Our Communities Globally,

Oregon Development Act: Real Estate Capitalism, Turn on the Spigot

Oregon Development Act:  Pivot-To-The-Pacific Legislative Solutions

Democrat Created Political Risk,  & If You Want a Job, You Can’t Get a Job

Privatization At Every Level Of Government:

Trump for Hero of The Episcopal-Anglican Communion:

Trump Was On-Board in his principles with Allies ideas & For Unity vs Socialist,

Democrats Brought Slavery Back, Democrats Create Suffering, Pain & Exploitation

Fact Is That Trump Freed Slaves and Saved Lives, while Democrats Are Evil Slavers and War Criminals!

Cost & Consequences For Democrats: Indictment

The Mobility Laws: Cost and Consequences of a Criminal Economy

Organized Crime Cartel Involvement In Political Opposition & Democrats Attacks vs Republicans:  

Cost & Consequences: Allies Introduction to Global Border Security Issues

Gun Skills & Ownership Made A Graduation Requirement

Democrats Reign of Terror:

Critical To Gut the Federal Bureaucracy

Democrat’s Asymmetrical Warfare

Special Forces Actionable Analytics versus Democrats

Barack Hussain Obama, The Jihadi Financier, is the Enemy of Civilization

An Intervention, New York City’s Detriment to Humanity:

Regular Prosecution for Impeachments

Senate Super Majority Strategy Ideas and Comments

Amendments Convention Intro Comments

The Virus Articles