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This is Part of the States Convention Series: 

  1. Not The First Choice, But Conditions Warrant a Convention
  1. Abortion Rights Appears to Be The Unifying Republican & Moderates Trigger Issue
  1. It’s Really About Reigning In the USA Radical Left
  1. Strategies To Create an Export Nation USA
  1. Unify 40 Like Minded USA States to End Radical Leftist
  1. Seek Support from Like Minded Foreign Nations


Advocacy Mission Statement:

This is a USA mission, to mitigate Globalization Issues for the Benefit of the USA and create an Export Nation economy.  It does involve helping to develop and build the economies of allied nations, in mutual For-Profit benefit with the USA.

Domestically and as a first phase that I hope is permanent with your support to help do this.  We will unify 40 States of the USA legislatively, from these 40 States we are able to control the terrain of the entire USA.

Everything from the Democrats, is that Democrats have condemned the USA production economy, USA’s broader economy’s success, and work against us economically.

Democrats actually declaring at one point USA economic stagnation the New Normal.  That the age of Factories, Agri-business, exportable services, and processing is lost to ‘cheap wage places’, instead of commercial scale and advanced facilities that we can have in the USA and advanced nations.  Or as an Export Nation USA that we need to be profiting from those advances, and helping end poverty globally via our expertise and capabilities.

With Biden’s election Democrats appear determined to provide that backward policy thinking and do even worse with inflationary fiscal and energy policy.

This mission strategy is an intervention into the 10 States along the east and west coastline of the USA that have become radicalized.  Where homelessness, poor wages, bail-out economics, criminal alien incentive sanctuary policies, radical and unscreened borders are policy, murderous abortions, crime rampant cities, where USA has become a dumping ground for global super savages.

In addition to pushing back the CCP and returning sovereignty to TaiwanMobility Laws too connect our under employed too job openings, and Criminal Alien Interventions by Any Local, State or County Law Enforcement are the first efforts I’m advocating.  These are relatively quick and easy programs, but Democrats are likely to stand in their way.  That makes a State’s Convention a potential work around. Yet again it may work out more practically to lobby these programs, and go to the ballot box if that were to fail.

Each of the programs summarized or explained on the website are important and maybe taken up by elected officials, their staff and party policy offices.  Please keep me informed as best you are able, and let people know that this is the source.

The intent is that both the magazine and book are a serial series, that supports this agenda and Republicans.

I want to highlight Republican successes particularly, with articles, stories, and content.  Therefore, please keep me informed.

We are going to do better if we support each other, too. It’s good to be visible and Collaborative, particularly when we have enemies that want to destroy us.

Additionally, there are numerous foreign nations that believe a strong USA is a great benefit to Security, For-Profit Economics, and Opportunity.  Over time it’s important this mission build a working relationship there to help fight the evils of the Socialist Chinese, USA Democrats, and the Climate People.

For me it’s too have special emphasis on Episcopal-Anglican communities that are in about 160 nations.  This is a good start point and community organizing resource globally.

Nonetheless, the primary and critical strategic concern remains to unify the USA states where we have basic agreement as Moderates, Republicans, Christians, Persons of Faith, and Conservatives that stand against the radicalized leftist Democrat Coasts. It’s these 40 states that have to be organized, working together legislatively, maintaining and building relations with advocacy, election and legislative involvement.

Obviously, we have to push back Socialist China’s efforts to Destroy the USA, Return Sovereignty to Taiwan, and every State needs to have a role in doing that. Cutting off contracts with the Socialist, denouncing their evils, not allowing Socialist Chinese operations in their State, Town or County, passing resolutions against Socialist China, and empowering Taiwan.

Please peruse the pages on this website, to get a feel for the mission, and feel free to contribute ideas and financial support via the Donation Button or Allies PO BOX 546, Vancouver, WA 98666

Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

© 2023 Scott Schlatter


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