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This is Part of the States Convention Series: 

It’s not your first choice, but the country looks ready to do a State’s Convention, on it’s own terms.  It’s really about reigning in the Radical Left and defending ourselves against Socialist aggression.

  1. Our left of center party the Democrats are off the rails
    • Democrats go too far
    • Democrats are going out of their way to go too far, to achieve whatever they want.
      1. This is about opposition politics where Democrats call upon Cartels to Take Republicans, assassins to murder Republicans, where in fact Democrats do Escalate far beyond Intimidation and simple murder attempts.

  1. At 2016 Dems admitted to themselves that they are no longer a National Party
    • Dem’s Response is very clever messaging on their advertisements.
    • And in the field where it is failing Democrat Supporters engage Republicans & Moderates with intimidation, coercion, vigilante violence that does escalate to murder or attempted murders
    • I believe the source of this criminal aggression in politics is New York City, which has no place in legitimate and civil discussion.
    • The problem with radicals may be mitigated economically with border security that increases wages throughout the economy. For example,
      1. This advocacy mission has programs of Mobility Laws & Authorizing local Law Enforcement for immigration security. Both connecting millions of unemployed to millions of jobs, and legitimizes the economy.
    • If this type of intervention does not work or have sufficient results legitimizing New York, a stage two has to be isolating that City, and kicking it out of the Union.


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