Regular Prosecution for Impeachments

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Mission Advocacy Statement:

Congress missed the Virus because Democrats obsessed over Impeaching President Trump.  Which turns out to be an illegal Impeachment that the Courts would overturn, an absolute Democrat Party political stunt.

Democrats started getting reported for this, including in legacy media for missing their oversite hearings.  That negligence would bring the cover up that got us USMCA aka a NAFTA 2.0.  Democrat voters simply stopped voting in early primaries, going on at that time.

That’s 170,000 new jobs for us, because of Trumps upgrading NAFTA.  Which Democrats said could never happen and economic stagnation was the new normal.

Democrats were going to keep that away from us because it was a clear, conspicuous, copious and unmitigated Trump victory. A Republican Victory.  Making a deal that was both a Trump win, a Republican win, and a win for us the People.

And Democrats have openly admitted that they had no idea how to improve our trade and commerce positions. Republicans get and understand business, I have yet to meet a single Democrat that gets it, and I’ve been thru a few legislative sessions.

Without that public pressure brought by Democrat’s negligence in Congress, we would of continued to suffer as a people.

Not only are Democrats without any regard for economics, ending poverty, ending slavery of our girls, or empowering actual USA citizens.  Democrats actually work against us.

Congress had the opportunity to know that there was a person-to-person transmittable SARS-like virus in December of 2019. This negligence got people murdered that didn’t need to be dead. Our people.

Sadly, with the death of so many it’s obvious the American Congress isn’t able to chew gum and walk at the same time.

Therefore, going forward, we have to require that any Impeachment be handled by an Independent Council that follows regular Federal Code for Evidence, and Witnesses for a report to Congress.  What the Democrats did to President Trump was a political stunt that was so illegal, he could have the courts reverse it.  We should get a refund for the cost, wasted time, and loss of life Democrats and their Legacy Media Comrades created.

Democrats are against us and their extremism has to be mitigated, these are some of my concerns that drove me to advocate for a Convention that I was not inclined to do, but now a critical need exist:

  1. Our left of center party the Democrats are off the rails
    • Democrats go too far
    • Democrats are going out of their way to go too far, to achieve whatever they want.


  1. At 2016 Dems admitted to themselves that they are no longer a National Party
    • Dem’s Response is very clever messaging on their advertisements.
    • And in the field where it is failing Democrat Supporters engage Republicans & Moderates with intimidation, coercion, vigilante violence that does escalate to murder or attempted murders
    • I believe the source of this criminal aggression in politics is New York City, which has no place in legitimate and civil discussion.
    • The problem with radicals may be mitigated economically with border security that increases wages throughout the economy. For example,
      1. This advocacy mission has programs of Mobility Laws & Authorizing local Law Enforcement for immigration security. Both connecting millions of unemployed to millions of jobs, and legitimizes the economy.
    • If this type of intervention does not work or have sufficient results legitimizing New York, a stage two has to be isolating that City, and kicking it out of the Union. s

Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

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