Operation Baby Sitter: Siberia Goes to Chinese Because of Russia’s Needless Wars, as Punishment

Take Russian Siberia & Give it to The Chinese:

Punishment for Czar Putin & The Russian’s Dark Soul needless Ukraine war requires Siberia Goes to Republic of China (ROC).  The Chinese will do well for us, and Russia black-eyed swelling loses a leg so to speak for it’s evils.

Classically you simply have whatever commodity Russians try to create a consumer good out of, literally loses value.  Whereas Chinese are certain to do something useful with Siberia, including critical water supplies to the Mainland.

If it were just a popularity contest it would of happened already. Simply said, I don’t believe Russia is going to give Siberia up willingly.

Therefore, we’ll take Russian Siberia and give it to the Chinese.

The pieces include:

  1. Stealth First Strike Ballistic Nuclear Weapons, which are in development, unless the USA Democrats derail it which they claim to want to do.
    1. 1a. The same Democrats that have brought a possible World War Three
  2. Ballistic Missile Defense
  3. Political Cover
  4. Ground Attack

It’s called Baby Sitter because Republicans on their own will develop the tools we need, and

Democrats will always try to stop that, and invite War in their process of doing that.  So we have

to baby sit the programs to make certain they get across the finish line.

This is a position statement.

Nonetheless, …

Allies will work to achieve this objective when and where able, and go out of our way to protect & advocate for the weapons.  The defenses. The sovereign recognition with denunciation of Russia, and the logistics to take and hold that ground for all time.

The objective of Allies is to have an influential presence in 42 USA Republican, Moderate or Republican Liening States as a Phase One.  151 Nations of the Episcopal-Anglican Nation’s Communion, and practical working relations with Europe. Especially to push back Communist and empower Taiwan.