Allies Situation Report December 2023

Due to USA Democrat’s systemic interference with Allies, that has a depth, persistence, successes, and consistency, I need to create this report.

These Yankee Democrats were misled by Lake Oswego-Portland Political Class-Retired Persons Constituency (PDX), when asked about me. I was well known with a State Funded National Security 308-page Stategic Develop Plan to create Million$ of High Wage Jobs, and put Portland on the Map.  It’s the ideal pivot-to-the-pacific location for my nation & the broader civilized world.  The political class here Hates that & wanted me killed.

Allies is NOT operational.  And I am NOT getting what I need. I mean basics.

Yet, yes I remain alive after many murder attempts and worse against me.

My book is dedicated to the men and women of Law Enforcement, their Military Partners and the Republic of China (ROC, Taiwan) Security Services that saved my life from the attacks you see here.

Details on each of these incidents are below my Comments for Cause.

  1. Two Nations’ Army Units Providing Security for me here. Why:

(In order of actual incidents, of events that I’m publishing right now.)

a. Democrats putting together an ambush to warn me off, utilizing otherwise secure utility resources. FBI shows up in a convoy.

b. Democrat’s Vigilantes aka The Radicals

c. The Bay Area Biden Boys, For Political Assassination

d. Organized Crime Cartel(s) are called in. Lake Oswego has this, a relationship that makes them a global power for evil. Their own self-description here.

e. Chinese Communist Ground Attack, on USA soil, at Lake Oswego, Oregon.

f. Union supporters or members make a lethal attack.

FBI visits are by now routine in those offices & openly discussed in public among other business customers.


  1. Resources including a One-Billion-Dollar$ Government Check are intercepted & destroyed in the United States Postal Service (USPS) Portland, Oregon


  1. My Magazine:

We Don’t Do Camps: For Republican Unity


  1. My Book:

One Episcopal Man versus Socialist China and Climate Change: Flashpoints


  1. Legislative Blog Topics


  1. Marketing:
    1. Twitter / U-tube / TikTok
      1. Friendly Fact Based Media & Business Organizations
    2. Republicans
    3. Governments


A Comment on Causes For, Including the presentation of This Report:

My Statements in this Situation Report (Sit. Rep.) are all from witness leaks, law enforcement briefs, and should be considered old-style-hunches.

Having said that, there may have been media-press reporting on any of this already.

Each is phenomenally easy to prove, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be able to publish Hard Fact Evidence of each.  I expect no censorship, it’s about editorial decisions, yet Democrats do have a say since their violent interference has been obvious, consistent, and with some successes.

It’s been my intent to have lawyers get witness depositions, simply so that I have it in indisputable writing that it’s impossible to have ANY business organization operation in the Portland Metro & particularly Lake Oswego, Oregon.

That the liability & threat here in Lake Oswego & Portland, Oregon is INSANE.

There may be many peoples, many victims of these Yankee Democrats & the Anti-Job Retired Persons that will be allowed to bring litigation to get restitution.  There’s already been litigation about the slavery of our girls these Yankee & Retired create.

There are conditions to change this, but I have no budget plan to affect setting security that is needed to do that.  I am therefore initiating an evacuation. Completely opposite of the Oregon Development Act that I’ve created and published, to help these people.

Had Democrats with the backing of this Retired We Want a Nice Place to Retire & We’ll Murder You for It constituency NOT blocked me, commercially and on this the lobbying aspect of my original 308-page Strategic Intent Business Plan, a purely economic plan to grow revenue & jobs which Allies Lobbying DIRECLTY & SPECIFICALLY comes from.

You would see a very formalized Court Authorized Reporting Instead of this.

All of these attacks happening against me, a business professional on a Multi-International Port Major City.  With an actual serious plan to utilize a critical location to remedy job and debt problems of my nation, the USA, to provide for over 3 Billion new USA level Pacific Rim consumers.  Our Pivot-to-the-Pacific.

& I wouldn’t be showing up like this out-of-the-blue, the legislation advances that I did have would have easily been USA national news.  That’s the problem created by anti-job Pivot-to-the-Pacific Hating  Retirement Voting Block of Portland Oregon.  They had no right.

Nonetheless, this Retirement Town Constituency believes Going Out of Bounds; Going Out of Their Way to Go Too Far & Do Whatever They Want … their words.  They end up organ harvesting Republicans like me after having the Cartel take a nobody like me to force to do things.  These are their words and deeds again.  That organized crime cartel relationship is a huge global problem for me personally now.

They WILL NOT have economic development, end actual slavery or poverty today. They want people to be toys to their impulses and depravity.  Portland, Oregon would be a new Los Angeles in their depraved brains, if I’m operational.  With me the poverty and depravity would be Greatly Reduced or even end.

This is why I have to document what happened.

Because I’m 8th generation Oregonian aka Old Oregon, educated here, Great-Great Granddaddy was Oregon’s First Speaker of Our House, and with a dramatic economic development plans for my homeland of Oregon.  This is part of the public explanation of, why aren’t I basing here in my ancestral homeland.

The obvious answer is of course that I simply know better, and it’s highly likely any staff working in Lake Oswego will be murdered for the economic agenda of Allies.  What would have been the Yankee’s around here call A Big Pile of Jobs.

I want as many of these incidents in writing, to be able to show indisputably that it’s impossible to operate here under the current governance and their both radicalized and murderous constituents.

Legal teams may create Court Cases against these people, other than showing these people’s murder & intimidation to keep the worst per capita exploitation of people in the nation alive.

There are vast amounts of victims needlessly created by Portland-Lake Oswego’s push back & destruction of economic development, Allies may be able to refund victims of moving here, getting caught into degrading exploitation including slavery, and hopefully some liberating victims of this self-described Evil Community.

A few law enforcement did ask me to try to set-up an Organized Crime Cartel facility in Lake Oswego itself, saying that there is a problem there.

That’s a very key issue for me, that restricts my movements, because it makes Lake Oswego a Global Threat to any legitimate persons or operations.


First, Two Nations’ Army Units Providing Security for me here.

Military Backed Security Details:


  1. Democrats putting together an ambush to warn me, utilizing otherwise secure utility resources. I call the FBI after discussing with local police, and one of my sisters. The FBI doesn’t want to talk on the phone, take a statement by fax, after saying We’ll Look Into It, the FBI shows up in a Convoy. …


  1. Vigilante’s. Democrats that call themselves the Radicals make some moves, are allowed to get close enough to NOT have an excuse for murder, and even form a Death Squad to end that headache in Oregon. Me.


  1. The Bay Area Biden Boys. Hopefully traceable for my civil right$ litigation, maybe they have money, and what kind of assholes send hitmen after anyone that has a view they don’t like? The actual crew of hitmen, seemed kind of smart to me, and not queer.


  1. Organized Crime Cartel(s) are called in. Lake Oswego has this, a relationship that makes them a global power for evil. Their own self-description here.


First time I’ve ever been in a law enforcement swarm.

You’d be amazed at some of these cartel guys, very high-end ex-military/ex-law enforcement.  I wouldn’t of even known if our law enforcement hadn’t tapped me on the shoulder to express his disgust. 10-feet away from me, one of these guys got, and there was a follow up crew in Washington State after he was taken.

I would NEVER of had a chance. My book is dedicated to law enforcement, obviously.

It’s why can’t they kill him? Let’s get some professionals. My opinion of Lake Oswego’s thinking.

So Lake Oswego’s retirement leadership, I call Influencers call in some muscle. It was simply a routine move by that group, in their minds.  Yes, to take enslave, force me to do things, and organ harvest me when my blood type came up.

The Federal Law Enforcement repeatedly, consistently started asking  if I could set-up an Organized Crime Cartel Center.  Allies is a lobbying firm, and I have a clear motivation now that Democrats include Organized Crime Cartels in their opposition politics.


  1. Chinese Communist Ground Attack.

This may have been reported in open media, I’m NOT a 24/7/365 news addict, yet …

I’ll make a request for data points including the actual phone calls, but for these purposes right now of background for a need of an unexpected fund raising move …

The Biden-Blinken White House called the New York Station of CCP’s United Front operations of Fox Hunt & Sky Net to have me killed.

 A few weeks before the 2022 Mid-Terms. FIZA had reported my Magazine Cover of We Don’t Do Camps: For Republican Unity lead article Democrats Slavery Traditions vs Republicans Security & Freedom.

It’s that Biden cares more about elections than human lives, especially good & decent human beings.

Biden is the running joke for stupidity & sleaze in the Congress where he worked for many decades & was well known among his colleagues.

The Chinese actually pushed back against the white house, but their initial offer to send a couple guys to rough me up wasn’t enough.

The loud Mouth Republican in Lake Oswego, needed to be killed.

I’ll do a couple leads on this one because moving that amount of troops around did get attention.

  • I get a lot of tracking for someone that hasn’t marketed.
  • I’m considered a Hard Fact by some legacy media.
  • The assembly point for the Ground Attack would be raided a few months after the mid-terms.
  • A top 5 or 10 Chinese-CCP expert called the assembly point before that & spoke with them in Chinese, they were pissed off.
  • The Chinese around me are saying what Blinken-Biden did is considered Treason in Chinese Culture, even among the good Free Chinese assigned to my security detail. Tell me that a leader ordered Chinese Troops into an ambush, got their people killed, they feel they have the right to kill that leader.
  • Blinken was called back to Beijing, it wasn’t a balloon. His Beijing privileges are done, and they told him that they completely got the whole situation worked out about what happened.  And that’s his punishment, it’s not without cause or somehow random.


  1. After all this, these guys show up. Talk about NOT doing Your Homework. …

Union supporters or members make an attack attempt at the Design Team’s Portland, Oregon Office.

 The FBI visits to this office are so routine to the point that it’s open conversation among customers and staff.

  1. With a full-time crew of programmers and designers the $240,000 extraordinarily customized website wouldn’t be up for another 4 months. Well after the Mid-Terms.
  2. You didn’t have to kill us those 4 months before, and yes you’ve fucked up getting a big pile of jobs (that’s a Yankee description of Allies at this point) with all this mayhem.
  • There’s a lot of low hanging fruit for us, including to benefit Taiwan Sovereign Recognition in Europe.


Second, Multi-Direct Funding Checks Intercepted & Destroyed via Portland, Oregon including a 1$Billion Check for Allies to our USPS, PO Box here in Vancouver, WA. Adjacent on the Interstate-Five (I-5) to Portland, Oregon.

  1. You know that would of scaled up to about a thousand jobs, high wage & recession proof no less, I get paid literally 100th of the average Beltway lobbyist, but you just wouldn’t have it nonetheless.

Democrats with their Lake Oswego-Portland Seniors Anti-Economic Growth had to block, intercept, interrupt, try to murder, et cetera … .


Third, My Magazine We Don’t Do Camps: For Republican Unity

  1. Is my creation. Like this entire Allies project’s content.
  2. The 27 Articles I wrote for the Pre-Launch Issue are designed to kick-start the magazine series.

It’s about economic development via the creation of an Export Nation USA, that ends poverty globally in a For-Profit way.  Every Allies Initiative sources to that Top of Homepage Statement = … Economic Benefit of the USA.

  1. On advise of marketing, a Global Firm that created the $200,000 customized website and the Magazine & Book Cover Layouts, I’ll work on out-reach before the Pre-Launch Issue goes public.
  1. This educates the public about the true evils of the Democrat Party with trafficking of our girls, a litany of pubic crimes least of which are the unscreened borders, fostering a criminal economy that may cost Trillion$ in loses to State, Local & Federal Tax Coffers. All lead by War Criminals, due to the Iran Deal that they openly admit too.
  1. This type of production economy with all the perks you expect from an Export Revenue Based economy may attract the unexpected help of Senator Bernie Sanders in very material ways.
  1. It’s everything is paid for. Paid leave, shorter work weeks, pensions, health care, education, everything. …


Fourth, My Book: One Episcopal Man versus Socialist China and Climate Change:Flashpoints

  1. This is mostly complete at this date, it was before the website launch, and I’ve started revisiting it.

Again it’s worked out that each piece of Allies is completely separate original content, with some evidence overlap, yet in a different perspective.

  1. Was 15 chapters, and just cut it down to 5, but looks like 7 for the first issue. This is intended to be an annual issue that helps guide & advise Republicans, celebrate Republican Successes, and Devastate the Democrat Party to force a new left of center second political party for my nation that doesn’t believe murder is an appropriate political tool.

With an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN).

(Draft Chapters: Call To Action vs Socialist China: with emphasis on empowering Taiwan as a Flank to the Mainland’s Moves With Russia / Democrats Asymmetrical Warfare / Global Warming Gave Us Life, Cities & Vast Populations / The Trump Wins vs Democrats / The Borders Project / Pivot-to-the-Pacific / Elections Integrity)


Fifth, Legislative Blog Topics:

  1. Like each tool, whether the book-magazine, is each to support the legislative agenda these are each original content, that I create at the kitchen table because resources that are issued for Allies are destroyed before it gets to me.
  2. Putting forward a 64 Legislative Blog Topics facilitates Legislative Action, in my experience when Republican Leadership Backed my White Paper and created new & innovative Export Revenue Bills that benefit our business organizations.
  3. I could put 1,000 pages and it would be scrubbed thru to find actual opportunities for Bills. Therefore, by flooding the zone with a large amount of ideas for Bills we see what sticks, gaps that need filled, and who is with us and who is against us.
  4. The existential threat of the Czar Putin-Chinese Communist Alliance against my country the USA has caused many re-tasking of priorities here at Allies.
    1. I published these changes specifically on Allies New Autonomous Afrikaner Zone both on the website homepage and a half-dozen page article in my Magazine We Don’t Do Camps: For Republican Unity
  5. In 64 web pages rotating as Legislative Blog Topic across the first Sub-Headline are Prioritized-In-Order-Of-Importance:
    1. First, Empowering Taiwan (Republic of China; ROC) Push-Back-and-Containment of the CCP
      1. Choice made due to the loss of civilization isn’t going to allow us to help any of our peoples.
      2. The Russia-Chinese Alliance plotted the destruction of my nation the USA at the last Olympics, which obviously would lead to my murder and the murder of people like me.


  1. Second, The Democrat Backed Trafficking of Our Girls, as Toys & Sex Slaves. And this appears to be well beyond USA citizens.
  • Third, The end of COVID mandates, which are proven to have done more harm than good, particularly the untested vaccines. A couple rounds of studies doesn’t cut it, when the FDA publishes a 5 Phased process, and the side-affects are increasingly well known.

Besides this Legislative Blog I authored a kick-starter style article for my magazine series, talks about the adverse affects of isolation, Big Pharma misleading us, Democrat Malfeasance murdering nearly a million of my citizens and counting, et cetera … .

  1. Followed by a litany of economic development policy needs like improving our waterway logistics; an Autonomous Afrikaner State to help capture that world class civilization that’s being displaced by Socialist bad ideas, malfeasance, intimidation & violence; Ending the Federal USA Bureaucracy, Organized Crime Cartels, Democrats existing murderous current leaders, ending abortion as a right at viability of the fetus, not as a reform issue but as participants in the efforts to kill me.

These are arrived at because each is a security issue, and would seem odd to me to involve in Allies otherwise.

But we do advocate for a New Federal Militia to fill-in public safety gaps, so security does happen as a regular logical order of issues to resolve to improve society, that helps lead to investment for an Export Nation USA.

  1. And there is other stuff too that you would expect from a Republican initiative like privatization requirements of services like the DMV, internet site development, and going forward we’ll want to mandate school choice.

Sixth, Marketing

There’s no budget, therefore it’s just me. As a budget is generated I can do things. To help educate the public & be effective along the Allies operations parameters you see laid out on my website.  Scott