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This is Part of the States Convention Series:

Mission Advocacy Statement

The Federal Government has been unreliable, and inconsistent on border security over the years.  This has cost us, a lot.

State, Local and Federal Budgets combined are at least $348 Billion in Tax Revenue losses every year[i], and that amount of loss may easily be double or even up to a Trillion Dollars or More in Lost Government Resources.  Each year we lose this in tax revenue from wages and welfare pay-outs alone.

The GDP loss to the economy and wages is in the Trillion$.

In sum, that pays off Student loans in a year & half, or up to five years.  All of Them. Yet Due to Open Borders, that debt continues instead.  Even Bernie Sanders commented about this and is against the radical, criminal and unscreened open borders the USA has[ii].

In sum we could have the Marine Corp Self-Funding in 3 years or less, followed close by the Courts, Marshal Service, and every law enforcement agency.

Pre-Biden/Harris there are up to 29.5 million Criminal Aliens taking our jobs, and another 7 million lost jobs too depressed wages.  Poor virus and border management have reportedly moved these number up to 32 million criminal aliens, and 12 million unfilled employment opportunities.

The criminal alien does not pay taxes, they take services, that cost resources.

Then with the Biden-Harris election we have compiling evidence that Democrats contribute too the detriment of our citizens and nation, because they want to be sanctuaries with open borders.  Failing in their cooperation with Federal law enforcement obligations.

Law enforcement has been consistently informing the public that the existence of Sanctuary States or Towns are a cause of Terrorist Funding, Mass Murder, Mass Rape, Attracting Criminals to the USA, and many other crimes.

Therefore, we have to take matters in hand, too mitigate this Democrat’s Radicalism, unscreened borders, and their magnitude of crimes.

A convention needs to authorize each and every State, County, Town, Bounty Hunters, military, and every form of law enforcement the authority to arrest and detain ANY illegal or criminal alien.

And to deploy law enforcement and troops to the border.  To deploy troops and law enforcement to the interior of the USA, to Ports of Entry to make inspections, to make arrests, and lawfully seize assets.

For example, the Carolina’s or Iowa may calculate those criminal borders cost in lives and revenue is great enough to complete a border security wall or barrier, conduct inspections of goods coming into the country, and conduct inspections abroad which we have federal programs for in some foreign ports.

Or that California and Texas realize the wage depression and human trafficking is so detrimental that the State has to take care of business. Or the seizure of illegal alien assets is great enough to pay a state’s budget for a few years, therefore, that State sends Troops and/or Law enforcement.  May be our States take ground from Mexico or help Columbia, where there is a clear benefit to do so.

And we need the Article V to authorize the interventions, and do exactly that.


Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

© 2023 Scott Schlatter

[i] Look at the average cost because we now know there are up to 29.5 Criminal Aliens (Pre-Biden Administration)  that don’t pay taxes and that the average taxpayer pays over $10,000 a year. This is a ground swell up of all wages by legitimizing the economy. Some stats at: The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration On United States Taxpayers (2017) by BY MATTHEW O’BRIEN, DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH SPENCER RALEY, RESEARCH ASSOCIATE AND JACK MARTIN, ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER;

[ii] Bernie Sanders says he is against open borders, for ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ The Hill BY CHRIS MILLS RODRIGO – 04/08/19 08:08 AM EDT


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