An Intervention, New York City’s Detriment to Humanity:

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  1. Private Prosecutions – a privatization
  1. At Federal Immigration Laws Go Local –
  1. Mobility Laws, link: The Mobility Laws: Cost and Consequences of a Criminal Economy –

With New York City’s Democrat Asymmetrical Warfare and Fascistic Style, make it a Detriment to the USA and Humanity.

We can change the economics of New York, boost the national economy, and hopefully that mitigates the problem with radicals that New York seems to be the great source of.  If not we need a convention to isolate New York City and kick it out.

Interviews with rioters that I’m seeing do not talk about police brutality, when that is the overt reason for the protest.  The actual person in the protest, arsons, and riots is talking about some kind of personal economic issue.

In Portland, Oregon the paid-for community organizer is calling back whole crowds of people to get on message.  Portland is identifying with, complaining to New York on issue or challenges New Yorkers meet in Portland, and trying to recruit New Yorkers to their cause and to relocate to Portland.

These Portlanders went to New York Senator Chuck Schumer to complain about issues in Portland before ever considering an Oregon Senator, where they were likely declaring that they reside. This is a vanguard population trying to increase New York’s influence in politics.

        In their New Yorker brains, they are Aggressive & Not Nice, so that justifies intimidation as a warning in their vigilante ways, I have to only suppose.  Because this occurs before they escalate to murder.  And this happens widely, legacy media reporting in February 2022 that anyone consistently critical of Democrats idiot policies and ideas has armed security.  Others don’t get that far.

Any form of fact-based criticism is reason enough to get you killed, by Democrats.  The word on the street and the actions I see all point to an aggressive New York move into Portland-Lake Oswego, Oregon.

         Then Portland itself is additionally affected by a particularly diabolical and depraved roads & rail strategy to re-populate that Metro with Democrats, which is a serious and criminal factor.  When you interview people it’s about a lifestyle creation out west to attract New England Democrats.

        The roads are left undeveloped and neglected to a unique extent, nobody else does this.  And roads are proven to increase wages and home ownership, hence the protests going toward wage complaints and riots. And the lack of control Democrat Party Community Organizers have in Portland.  About the time that a poll published that 78% of African Americans want a robust law enforcement is when the Progressive Organizers withdrew from Portland.

This is where I would like to point out my I hope that me New Federal Militia, link: New Federal Militia – initiative gets traction and funding.  It’s about guns and money overseen by locally elected County Sheriffs, and funded by Congress.  It’s a real solution inspired by the NRA’s response to a mentally ill person murdering children in Sandy Hook Elementary, Conn.  My initiative is less high flying, and a ground swell upward idea.

Because setting security is critical to so many things, and we simply do not now have adequate security in my nation the USA. The unique African-American community is largely a victim instead of a human capital resource that I believe it should, and adequate security throughout neighborhoods, places of worship and community gatherings will go a long way to turning things around, for example.  Discussion on New Federal Militia – of the Legislative Blog Topics.

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Besides the street protest element there is a well fed and sophisticated Democrat vigilante presence operating in the Portland-Lake Oswego Oregon Metropolitan.  This is obvious and conspicuous intimidation that threatens murder and does escalate to murder.  Persons of their word.

        These Democrats believe they are a chosen people, superior to the Republican natives like myself, and folks like me an 8th Generation Oregonian are the problem.

They will actually speak those words too you, when & if you have the opportunity to discuss with them.  This is in the context of the Democrat Party’s support in the population that has been put on a War-Time Footing[i], a super majority (90%) of Democrats believe Republicans are evil according to an Echelon Insights February 2021 Poll[ii], and that these Democrat Peoples operate Fascistically.

All combine with New Yorker’s culture of not nice and aggressive lifestyle that intimidates and frightens voters in a lot of the country.  These appear to be the factors that have brought on numerous political assassinations of Republicans across the USA, and emboldened Democrats covert vigilante styles.

On the solutions for this malfeasance, we need to make it easier to indict political leadership that advocates or creates policy that causes murder, and/or other crimes.

The best path is to (1) authorize Private Prosecutions – Where a group, government or person can bring a criminal prosecution, this should be simply at the regular legislative level.  Unless someone has cause to think it needs to escalate to the Constitutional Convention level?  It’s our same laws, courts and due process we’re just authorizing a privatization.

This frankly is too take out Democrat Leadership via indictment, imprisonment and ideally killed by death row executions.

         Second (2) solution is the empowerment of all law enforcement nationally to do immigration and border enforcement. This is best done thru a Constitutional Convention.  This changes the economics of much of the Nation, particularly Blue States, with wage increases throughout those economies. Especially important for an intervention into New York City to be successful.

        Thirdly (3) to help mitigate radicalism is what I’m calling Mobility Laws, link: The Mobility Laws: Cost and Consequences of a Criminal Economy –, people who need the millions of unfilled jobs are not able to connect too that work, because they don’t have enough money to get around.  This is caused by unscreened radically open borders that depress wages.  This is caused by Sanctuary Democrats and Blue States, Towns & Cities.  We need these parties to pay for their policies.

Please see The Mobility Laws: Cost and Consequences of a Criminal Economy – for discussion.  There is no new bureaucracy because we utilize existing employment office, the relocate aid is $10,000, there is a job connection before you go, and you’re on the hook to keep a job.

I don’t believe a Mobility Law is appropriate for an Amendment.  I’m listing this here because it’s critical to the nation, our people, and a strategy make the USA attractive to investment while increasing resources and mitigating radicals.

These couple of ideas may create up to 37 million new tax paying jobs, a pre-virus count, and a real opportunity to get better lives too our people.  Maybe as high as 44 million new jobs at this post-virus point.

We have millions of kids that aren’t starting families, and millions more that have to leave the USA to find decent work.  Frankly we’re a poor country with a large economy that doesn’t do well for a lot of our people, or cover many basics, and I think these ideas will go a long way too making things better.  For us too see a flowering of our nation, our people, and our global friends, too.

Democrats are against us and their extremism has to be mitigated, these are some of my concerns that drove me to advocate for a Convention that I was not inclined to do originally, but now seems a critical need exist:

One, Our left of center party the Democrats are off the rails

  1. Democrats go too far
  2. Democrats are going out of their way to go too far, to achieve whatever they want.
    1. They’ve gone way beyond elections

Two, At 2016 Dems admitted to themselves that they are no longer a National Party

      1. Dem’s Response is very clever messaging on their advertisements.
      2. And in the field where it is failing Democrat Supporters engage Republicans & Moderates with intimidation, coercion, vigilante violence that does escalate to murder or attempted murders
  • I believe the source of this criminal aggression in politics is New York City, which has no place in legitimate and civil discussion.
  • The problem with radicals may be mitigated economically with border security that increases wages throughout the economy. For example,
    1. This advocacy mission has programs of Mobility Laws & Authorizing local Law Enforcement for immigration security. Both connecting millions of unemployed to millions of jobs, and legitimizes the economy.
  1. If this type of intervention does not work or have sufficient results legitimizing New York, a stage two has to be isolating that City, and kicking it out of the Union.


Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

© 2023 Scott Schlatter

[i] United States Department of Justice, Justice News, Friday, November 15, 2019

[ii] Echelon Insights Poll: Republicans Are Concerned About Real Issues, Democrats Concerned With Political Opposition February 24, 2021 By Tristan Justice at The Federalist citing an Echelon Insights services

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