Barack Hussain Obama, The Jihadi Financier, is the Enemy of Civilization

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  1. Obama-Biden Would Not Back Israel
  1. Obama-Biden Brought War, Suffering & Desolation
  2. Trump Brought Historic Israeli-Arab Peace
    a.  Nobel Peace Prize Nomination for Great Works NOT Racism4. Trump Brought Commerce
  3. Trump Brought Commerce


This is Part of the Democrats Reign of Terror Series


Website Pre-Launch Summary Arguments & Points:

Let’s look at the stark contrast between Trump and Obama.


First, Obama.  He’s still active in the Capital, is supported by a large bureaucratic infiltration and both these facts are historically unusual. A shadow government I’m calling the Obama Underground[i], that made Trump’s Presidential Term a 3rd Obama Term.  Which is amazing Trump accomplished as much as he did and why the Allies mission includes nominating Trump for Hero of the Episcopal and Anglican Communion, a type of immortality.

Why are you supporting this man Obama? 

It’s Fair to Say Barack Hussain Obama and his team including John Kerry are War Criminals over their Iran deal.

But before I get into some details, there is some background leading up to that. Obama was also known as Barry Soetoro, a very average student and drug dealer that lived and dealt in Hawaii[ii].  He would be raised in-part in Islamic Indonesia.

Barack “Barry” Hussain Obama would Miraculously get into Harvard, yet never release his application materials.

He claimed to keep an Islamic faith.

He would be involved in Chicago and Illinois politics for years, however, and get elected to the Federal Senate to his credit. I’m being fair, yet is that where he learned some bad habits about going after enemies?

As President of the United States of America he would create the worst economic recovery in the history of the human race.

When Israel prepped for the airstrike to take out Iranian facilities, Israel looked for support from the USA. Obama was against the Israeli attack, which frankly the Israeli’s are good at, and have taken down Arab Weapons of Mass Destruction aspirations a few times before and this was little different.  Israel felt they had to back down.  Why would President Barack Hussain Obama do that?

Instead, Obama would become a Jihadist Financier benefiting the worst Terrorist Government on earth, Iran. Iran never signed his deal, and never gave assurances for internet access for its people which had been a triggering element to a Revolutionary movement Obama helped snuff out.  And Iran never quit nuclear developments, inspections are catching evidence of that.

Obama’s hands are bloody on his support of two wars (Syria & Yemen), 8 Iranian military interventions and trouble made by Iran on 5 global regions.  The Iranian people would raise up in protest because like a Socialist Government, Iran was sending resources out from the homeland to support ideological armed conflicts and wars. Socialist China did this, too, and caused famine at home.

Iran brought foreign mercenaries to shoot protestors dead in their streets, when the protestors were simply saying to stop sending resources out of the country to support someone else’s fight.  It looks like all Obama had to do was require unimpeded internet access, and with some material support to Iranians we could of gotten a nice friendly market that doesn’t try to kill you or your friends, BUT NOoo … !


Contrast this to Trump that got a Nobel Peace Prize Nomination for Mid-East Peace, apples for apples comparison to Obama.

Trump brought peace deals between 5 Arab nations and Israel.  And a historic and new embassy from the United Arab Emirates has opened in Israel, facilitating relationships, commerce and ultimately reducing poverty.

There are a lot of reports around Obama, there are a lot of questions about what he’s Doing.  Obama made some really bad choices, and he got a lot of people killed.

If you have any information about Obama’s doings, activities in the government, his stalking Trump abroad with after-meetings with foreign leaders, his enemies list and how that works, please contact me at any of the Legislative Blog Topics comment reply web mails at the bottom of each page, the Contact Us, or PO Box 546, Vancouver WA  98666

Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

© 2023 Scott Schlatter


[i] Anonymous Military Analytics for security reasons, somebody gave the Democrats a handbook used to overthrow governments and it’s being used against us here in the USA

[ii] I’ll Affidavit it if I have too. Living on the west coast you get a lot of Hawaii residents

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