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This is part of the Democrats Reign of Terror Series 

One, Obama has NOT left the Capital at this point.  Which is unique among former Presidents.

Two, Obama has an infiltration “underground” in the DC Bureaucracy that strived to disrupt & help Impeach President Trump.

These people will also help facilitate the violence and murder against people like me.

Three, Obama is after enemies, highest credibility report.  Please contact me on this to any of the contact emails or PO Box.

Who are these enemies?

What is he actually up too?

Objective is to completely dismantle the Federal Bureaucracy, this is a security issue, unlike my privatization initiatives.

Law enforcement, Military, Treasury, Intelligence, and State Department including it’s Commercial Service Offices need to be exempt.

These are also top of the list for Self-Funding, with the US Marine Corp & Border Security Organization First, please see Self-Funding Marine Corp & Border Security – allies.biz

The Federal Bureaucracy must be reduced to a provincial coordinating office of State Resources, with no more staff than say 5, and it should be less.

  • So a couple points, … .
  1. Ending government redundancy,
  2. Creating tax savings
  3. Should eliminate the civilization threat that the Democrats infiltration of government has become.

Advocacy Mission Statement:

A USA special forces person has anonymously provided non-partisan analysis, because of the observation that the Democrats practices and methods matched up with Special Forces Manuals on how to overthrow a government. This is about our government, however.

My book goes thru the aspects the Officer outlines, and is seeking information on the real problem that Former President Barack Hussain Obama has become.

Barack has not left the Capital like most Presidents, Obama was following Trump around the world, after asking how do, you do the things that Trump did.  Combined with Obama’s sudden silence, stalking actions, hidden Harvard application materials, and Jihadist Financier resume/cv suggest terrible and evil deeds result because of his behind the scenes moves.

And Former President Barack Hussain Obama is reported on the highest credibility as after ‘enemies’, yet who are those enemies? Why is he after them?

I’m large in the book & video package on laying out that Pres. Obama is a jihadist financier, and is that someone you want to base your overthrow of the USA on?

I try to be persuasive toward a vast Democrat controlled Bureaucracy around Washington, D.C.

Hopefully they wake up, because it’s their presence that make’s it remarkable President Trump was able to accomplish anything, let alone address Human Trafficking issues, Ending Slavery in Syria and among our girls getting taken where we have a responsibility too & Obama-Biden refused to do. The Great Trump Economic Benefit where Democrats were instead the historic worst with wages actually going down.

Then yet again Trump is on Public Safety, Virus Mitigation, Treaty Upgrades, Mideast Peace that won a Nobel Peace Prize Nomination the same apples for applies place that Obama-Biden brought wars and desolation, and then the Border Security that Trump

was able to do despite Democrat’s malfeasance and evil intentions.  And at the VA apples-for-apples Trump is facilitating a Renaissance with a 91% approval rating whileObama is getting veterans murdered while presenting only temporary fixes, is it a coincidence Veterans vote Republican?

Please feel free to provide info on what you know, or what you’ve seen to any of the Legislative Blog Topics reply comment web mails at the bottom of each page, the Contact Us, or PO Box 546, Vancouver WA  98666


Mission objective is to end the Federal Bureaucracy, replace it with State, County, and large city resources, with organizational-continuity exceptions for Most Law

Enforcement, Military, Intelligence, Treasury, State and Commerce. Otherwise, it’s a total shut down and relocating what’s left to become a coordinating office for State, County & large city resources out of the Belt Way.

 Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

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