The Mobility Laws: Cost and Consequences of a Criminal Economy

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This is Part of the Borders Security Series, please see comments below.

  1. $10,000 in Government Loan, earned-off over time for staying on job.
  1. Employment Services Offices Too Connect, they work well enough
  1. & Up to 7 Million Job Vacancies Get Filled, pre-virus.
  1. Sanctuary Cities, Counties and States Pay $70Billion + Costs in Restitution Fund

Mission Strategy Comments:

The people that most need the jobs can’t get too them.

This is caused by unscreened and radically open borders. The 29.5 Million Criminal Aliens taking jobs in the USA choose to depress wages, & they’re not fair too the legal Immigrants and my people that get undercut from earning a decent living.

Somehow connecting these jobs and people have been passed over, by policy makers, and there are resources to make connections.  As far as Allies advocacy, it’s that there needs to be consequences to Democrats.  That Sanctuary organizations need to pay because they are the cause of the problem.

We’re looking at a minimum loss of $348 Billion a year in lost taxes throughout the country because of porous borders, and that doesn’t count broader impacts because this wage segment puts upward pressure on every wage level. So there are many multiples more of lost taxes due to wage depressions that open borders create.

At least 37 Million jobs are being lost to the border and lack of resources created by negligent policy at setting security on borders.

It’s probably many more jobs because of the impact of wage increases throughout the economy.  Then 29.5 Criminal aliens don’t pay taxes, but our people usually do pay taxes.

This multi-faceted and monumental loss that we are taking is the cause of about half the nation in financial crisis. You see millions of our kids not starting families because they can’t afford too, this has led to violent social unrest.  We have up to 7 million citizens that have to leave the USA often at the employers expense too find decent work, because we left the border open.

We’re paying out money, we’re not taking in resources, the cost in our peoples lives is tragic, and it’s simply due to an irrational border security problem.

Now on the depressed wages that prevent millions of jobs being filled here in the USA.  I found an example, that when homeowner eviction occurs, banks pay up to $10,000 for relocation.

Banks actually don’t like to pay, so that’s probably a safe and on the light side amount that is a reasonable number for us to legislatively authorize.

And by utilizing our existing employment offices to screen job candidates, they are in place, operating and set-up to do that.  No opportunity for a new redundant style Democrat bureaucracy.

We need the employment office working with the employer to arrange housing, which may require third party management company.

The employee is simply given the $10,000 as a no interest loan with it forgiven over the course of a year for showing up to work at the new job.  If they don’t connect, quit or move on you get credit for time spent and are responsible to refund the program.

About $800 a month for each month of work is forgiven.

Sanctuary Cities, Towns and States have brought this problem by being magnets for a global influx of criminal aliens to the USA, and made it worse with failing to lawfully cooperate Federal Law Enforcement.

This border problem is a core issue too passing legislation that indicts Democrats that have protected these unscreened border policies, that they thought would get them some political advantage.  Democrats must be held responsible for all the kidnap, rape, murder, terrorist funding, slavery and human trafficking that has resulted.

Crimes that never needed to happen.

Please see Sovereign Immunity Exemptions Legislative Blog Topics at page 45 & Private Prosecutions 46 of 64, link:

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And please see Legislative Blog Topic page 34 Cost & Consequences: Allies Introduction to Global Border Security Issues – for summary of damages to lax border security including yet not limited to $348 Billion in lost tax revenue, not too mention jobs and wages and impact of that third of a Trillion to budgets across the USA.

Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

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