Organized Crime Cartel Involvement In Political Opposition & Democrats Attacks vs Republicans:  

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This is Part of the Security at Borders Series, Please see comments below


Advocacy Mission Statement:

The Allies mission is about economic issues, that we can improve legislatively, in a Privatized and For-Profit way.

The objective is to build a competitive export nation with high wages that is recession proof.  An Export USA Nation that brings capabilities to nations working hard to get out of poverty, help their people, and keep their people home instead of dumping a welfare state population on the USA.  A Partner-in-Prosperity mutual benefit idea.

Therefore, I’m arriving at USA problems like Security at Borders both here and Abroad, at ways you’re unfamiliar with, and are at best under reported.

Please see Legislative Blog Topic page 34, linked here: Cost & Consequences: Allies Introduction to Global Border Security Issues – for summary of damages because of lax border security including yet not limited to $348 Billion in lost tax revenue, not too mention jobs and wages and impact of that third of a Trillion to budgets across the USA.

Additionally, were probably losing at least $1.8 Trillion or more in tax revenue from Intellectual Property and Brand Loss alone.

We have five major problems to mitigate with Border Security.

  1. Up to 29.5Million Criminal Aliens in the USA, Pre-Biden,
    1. Depressing wages & taking up to 37.3 million or more jobs
    2. Democrat Scheme to increase their voter base
    3. USA Entrepreneurial Powers Unleashed

Please see further discussion on Legislative Blog Topic Page 35 of 64 Titled & Linked:  Wage Losses & Related Tax Losses –

  1. Up to 1.8Trillion or more annual Tax Revenue losses on Intellectual Property, and Bricks & Mortar brands

They’re taking our money! Please send ideas & facts, and discussion on Legislative Blog Topic Page 36 of 64Intellectual Property & Brand Loss Mitigation –

  1. Organized Crime Cartels Involvement In Political Opposition Attacks vs. Republicans
    1. Democrat Party Fundraising, request for comment?
    2. Democrat family members working for the CCP or Cartel organizations?
    3. Please say what you can to webmail Comment Reply at the bottom of each Legislative Blog Topic, the Contact Us, Or PO Box 546, Vancouver WA  98666

This Legislative Blog Topic Page 37 of 64 titled, linked:  Organized Crime Cartel Involvement In Political Opposition & Democrats Attacks vs Republicans: – , has further pre-launch ideas

  1. The Mobility Laws
    1. Depressed Wages Trap Our People & Ruin Lives
    2. Democrats Need To Pay

Please see additional at Legislative Blog Topic Page 38 of 64 titled The Mobility Laws: Cost and Consequences of a Criminal Economy –

  1. Indict Democrats

Legislative Blog Topic Page 39 of 64 titled, link: Cost & Consequences For Democrats: Indictment – , discusses further


#3 Organized Crime Mitigation, and Involvement In Political Opposition Attacks vs. Republicans:

Organized Crime Cartels aspire to become a sovereign Nation with current ownership of about 80% of Mexico.

This appears to be a political assassination resource for Democrats to murder Democrats Political Opposition.  Whether that’s an Independent, Republican or any free fact based speaking person moderate, or libertarian included.

That makes ending the organized crime cartels a mission priority.  Including but not limited to discussion and solutions in One Episcopal vs Socialist China: FlashpointsWe Don’t Do Camps™ magazine.

The potential loss of Republicans, good people, and the open utilization of Organized Crime by the CCP that is now literally in league with the Organized Crime Cartels in the USA are key reasons for prioritizing action against these enemies.

And there is long list of havoc and harm these organizations cause us, including Human trafficking, narcotics, personal assassination attempts of myself and those I collaborate with, slavery, brand theft, et cetera ….

And please comment on Democrat Party fundraising particularly in Mexico where we now know there are CCP made fake driver’s licenses commonly available, even making their way into the USA.  How are Democrats verifying identities in Mexico?

Are there any links of policy makers families taking Cartel money or Jobs, and with Socialist Chinese CCP organizations either here or abroad?

The strategy of eradication has to be one for a national and global destruction down too the Cartels every last member.

With an Allies recommendation of taking ground from Mexico to make it safe and legitimate.  To get ahead of the problem.

Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

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