Intellectual Property & Brand Loss Mitigation

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 This is Part of the Security at Borders Series, please see comments below


Advocacy Mission Statement:

The Allies mission is about economic issues, that we can improve legislatively, in a Privatized and For-Profit way.

The objective is to build a competitive export nation with high wages that is recession proof.  An Export USA Nation that brings capabilities to nations working hard to get out of poverty, help their people, and keep their people home instead of dumping a welfare state population on the USA.  A Partner-in-Prosperity mutual benefit idea.

Therefore, I’m arriving at USA problems like Security at Borders both here and Abroad, at ways you’re unfamiliar with, and are at best under reported.

Please see website Legislative Blog Topic pages …

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35, Wage Losses & Related Tax Losses –

36, Intellectual Property & Brand Loss Mitigation –

… for a summary of damages due to lax border security including yet not limited to $348 Billion in lost tax revenue, not too mention jobs and wages and impact of that third of a Trillion to budgets across the USA. Additionally were probably at least $1.8 Trillion and probably more in lost tax revenue from Intellectual Property and Brand Loss.

We have five major problems to mitigate with Border Security.

  1. Up to 29.5Million Criminal Aliens in the USA, Pre-Biden,
    1. Depressing wages & taking up to 37.3 million or more jobs
    2. Democrat Scheme to increase their voter base
    3. USA Entrepreneurial Powers Unleashed

Discussed further on Website Rotation Page 35 of 64 Wage Losses & Related Tax Losses –

  1. Up to 1.8Trillion or more annual Tax Revenue losses on Intellectual Property, and Bricks & Mortar brands

This Website Legislative Blog Topic Page 36 of 64, Intellectual Property & Brand Loss Mitigation –

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  1. Organized Crime Cartels Involved In Political Opposition Attacks vs. Republicans

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  1. The Mobility Laws
    1. Depressed Wages Trap Our People & Ruin Lives
    2. Democrats Need To Pay

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  1. Indict Democrats

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Issue #2 IP & Brand Loss Comments:

We lose at least $1.8 Trillion tax revenue in Brick’s & Mortar Intellectual Property Theft Every Year, a lot can be intercepted with comprehensive searches of every ship and container here and abroad.  The USA is at less than 2% inspection coverage today.

We need the revenue, we have to protect our business organization’s revenue, and we need to cut out the Organized Crime Cartel’s revenue diversity into this space.

  1. Simply we have to have complete border security, that’s not immigration reform, that’s law enforcement and Treasury checking every container that comes to any port.  Maybe involve the National Guards, New Federal Militia I’m advocating for, and Military to get coverage where we need to be?

Have no doubt criminals know how exposed we are.

  1. Scanning every break bulk cargo that doesn’t fit into a container, and every vehicle both here and among our allies is critical, too.
  1. As is working with law enforcement globally to destroy the criminal factories
  1. It is a mission priority to destroy Organized Crime Cartels wherever they may exist globally, because of their involvement in USA opposition politics. Where they attempt to murder or intimidation Republicans in the USA.


We have the issue today to mitigate everywhere since the Organized Crime Cartels have become so bold.

Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

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