Cost & Consequences For Democrats: Indictment

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Is Part of the Security at Borders Series, Please see comments below


Advocacy Mission Statement:

The Allies mission is about economic issues, that we can improve legislatively, in a Privatized and For-Profit way.

The objective is to build a competitive export nation with high wages that is recession proof.  An Export USA Nation that brings capabilities to nations working hard to get out of poverty, help their people, and keep their people home instead of dumping a welfare state population on the USA.  A Partner-in-Prosperity mutual benefit idea.

Therefore, I’m arriving at USA problems like Security at Borders both here and Abroad, at ways you’re unfamiliar with, and are at best under reported.

We have five major problems to mitigate with Security at Borders.

  1. Up to 29.5Million Criminal Aliens in the USA, Pre-Biden,
    1. Depressing wages & taking up to 37.3 million or more jobs
    2. Democrat Scheme to increase their voter base
    3. USA Entrepreneurial Powers blocked therefore lets Unleash Our People

Website Legislative Blog Topic page linked here:  Wage Losses & Related Tax Losses –

  1. Up to 1.8Trillion or more annual Tax Revenue losses on Intellectual Property, and Bricks & Mortar brands stolen

Further discussion at Legislative Blog Topic page linked here:  Intellectual Property & Brand Loss Mitigation –

  1. Organized Crime Cartels Involved in Political Opposition and Democrat’s Attacks vs. Republicans
    1. Democrat Party Fundraising, request for comment?
    2. Democrat family members working for the CCP or Cartel organizations?
    3. Please say what you can to, any of the Comment Reply web mails at the bottom of each Legislative Blog Topic pages, the Contact Us, or PO Box 546, Vancouver WA  98666

Legislative Blog Topic Organized Crime Cartel Involvement In Political Opposition & Democrats Attacks vs Republicans: –  :  has some discussion, please feel free to comment.

  1. The Mobility Laws
    1. Depressed Wages Trap Our People & Ruin Lives
    2. Democrats Need to Pay

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  1. Indict Democrats: Cost & Consequences

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#5 Criminal Indictments for Democrats: 

There are very serious detriments to civilization involved with the lack of Security at Borders that the Democrats have created.

The Allies mission will strive to legislatively authorize the indictment of Democrat Leaders, Key Supporters, Operatives and Radicals so they may take responsibility for their policy malfeasance and results.

Democrats need to take responsibility for the decisions Democrats made for us, that got people killed, women raped, and brought back slavery via poor security at borders.  And got our girls in our homeland enslaved because of Democrat’s policy malfeasance and diabolical fool ideas deprive(d) our governments of resources too even protect or recover our own girls, our own citizens.

Democrats need to pay.

Juxtapose Border Security Benefits versus the Evils Democrats created.  First and obviously, the benefits of increased wages, budget surpluses, kids starting families, citizens returning home to better jobs from overseas employment,

homelessness is gone, empty jobs are filled, needless death and terrorism funding ends, et cetera … .

Democrats have perpetrated these sins instead of bringing fixes.  Creating losses & suffering that are exclusively due to lax security at borders causing IP losses, floods of civilization devastating criminal narcotics, and cheap labor that floods across the USA borders and points of entry. Causing wage depression when half the nation is already in financial crisis.  And trillion$ of resources are lost to a criminal economy.

I believe Democrats know the outcomes of their governance decisions, making Democrats very depraved persons.  Democrats tell us how smart they are so this must simply be that Democrats-have-little-to-no-regard-for-human-life, preferring to create victims of literally most ethnic groups and nations for some masterplan.

Democrats’ control freak nature with a mix of diabolical evil exposed.  Because that’s what Democrat Party Policy is doing, and that’s what you get when you vote Democrat.

We currently can’t fill millions of job positions because people have neither the savings or Mobility, because of the economy that the unscreened borders have created.

Democrats are the responsible party for depressing wages, creating an absence of savings and the financial crisis for about half the nation.  This is pre-virus, and has only gotten worse with Democrats monetary and lack of security policies.

And Criminal Aliens aren’t helping because they don’t pay taxes, costing us at least $348 Billion a year in additional lost government resources alone, making it difficult for employment offices, employers, and governments to authorize covering relocation costs for any of our 95 Million legitimate people in need.  To connect with jobs we need filled.

We have up to 37.3 million job losses to the open border.  That are caused by our criminal economy, this is a pre-virus count, and Pre-Biden/Harris, too.  Which now appears to be up to 44 million lost jobs due to Democrats continuing focus on virus vaccines instead of early treatment.  That we now know has caused about 900,000 needless death[i].

This endnote shows what I’m talking about, that a Dr. Peter McCullough explains it with Host Jan Jekielek a Senior Editor at the Epoch Times on his show American Thought Leaders, video is on-line or available at a low-cost subscription.

We have 95 million citizens in need of jobs with decent living wages.  A work force participation time bomb of endless taxes that we are required to support.

A welfare state that stifles human innovation, now and in the future. Democrats are causing this humanitarian crisis to change the electorate, that’s what has been openly said so far.  Is there some other story and motive going on???

And do you have something including articles or your own testimony supporting what I’ve been seeing?

Please communicate securely and confidentially to the contact info above.

Democrats are the violent activist with diabolical and depraved intent, against ANY dissent of Democrats non-sensical agenda.  Therefore, even a fact-based opinion that goes against their narrative and Democrats will escalate to murdering people.

Working with me may be the best way to keep you safe, and get you too safe Ground.  I’m NOT law enforcement, I’ll do the best I can with what I have, but even going forward as an anonymous tip may make a difference and save lives.

It’s Republicans that make a difference, and the poll from Echelon Insights suggests nothing more than Democrats Projection Phenomena on Republicans about being evil.  That the Democrat is unable or unwilling to admit Democrat’s failing in the economy (inflation & wasteful spending) , social justice, foreign policy, slavery[1], wage and exploitation issues that the Republican strives to mitigate.

          And Republicans are very successful, that’s why I’m recommending Former President Donald Trump for Hero in the Christian Church of The Anglican (&Episcopal) Communion.  This will help educate the public about the great results the Trump Administration got for us.

For one of many examples, Trump was a firm advocate for security at borders.

This is the easiest & quickest way to help the USA, increase wages, increase our resources, employ our people, and empower our people to grow the economy.

Wages go up broadly by employing our lower income folks legitimately, economists are telling me it creates a ground swell upwards through the economy.

Increasing wages at all levels, each lower, and middle, and upper. Where everybody makes more Money.

Where there are transition challenges for a business organization that operates based on cheap and criminal labor violations, we can help legislatively and or thru consulting to upgrade and legitimize their business model.

The Allies mission’s advocates for more advanced manufacturing, and broadly speaking increased automation throughout our economy.

We will never win on cheap labor.  We have to take the high path of investment, commercial scale advantages, innovations, investment, and automation to win.

Allies is about building a production economy on export revenue, a nation that is inclined to build and save. Creating a nation with Free Time, Benefits, and a Flowering of Human Potential and Innovation.

Building a production economy based largely on Export Revenue the USA gets recession proof revenue that creates additional groundswell of wage increase throughout every level of the economy’s wage earners.

I have the expectation that public safety becomes pervasive, and world class. We end the homeless crisis.  Our cities get rejuvenated.  We attract investment, and are able retain and attract human capital.  A blue-collar renaissance occurs.

The legislative pieces & issues to this agenda include issues like:

  1. Walls Work[ii]
  1. Sovereign Immunity Ends at the Border, Let’s Enable Prosecutors
  1. Indicting, imprisoning &/or relocating up to 29.5 Criminal Aliens[iii]
  1. Felony for Not Collaborating with Federal Immigration & Border Security
  1. Enable All Law Enforcement to do Border and Criminal Alien Enforcement
  1. Every Tool of Government to Locate Criminal Aliens, Organized Crime Cartel Resources, Prevent Remittances
    1. Remittances alone are at least 900,000 jobs lost for us[iv][v] 
  1. Info Programs to Deter Populations from Criminal Relocation to the USA
    1. Ending the myth of running away to the USA, cut out cartel revenue
  2. Make illegal entry into the USA a felony
  1. Bounty Hunters … Allies mission objectives prefer privatization actually.
  1. Mobility Laws,
    1. Paid by sanctuary Cities & States, employ up to another 7 million jobs
    2. The Depressed Wages are keeping people away from jobs they need 
  1. Empowers Young people to start families
  1. Resource Abundance to End Homelessness & provide addiction treatment
  1. Deploy State’s Troops and National Guard to Provide Security where needed in Columbia, Central America and Mexico.


Please see Legislative Blog Topics page Cost & Consequences: Allies Introduction to Global Border Security Issues – , for summary of damages to lax security at borders including yet not limited to at least $348 Billion+ in lost tax revenue, not too mention jobs and wages and impact of ruined lives of what maybe Trillions in losses to budgets across the USA every year.  And Page 10 about Democrats Slavery Operations & Traditions, linked at:  Democrats Are the Party and A tradition of Slavery, Right Now not a Hundred Years Ago or Whatever –  And my introductory article on Democrats Slavery Traditions vs. Republican Security & Freedom, in my Allies Magazine We Don’t Do Camps: For Republican Unity Pre-launch Issue.

Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

© 2023 Scott Schlatter

[1] Please See Legislative Blog Topics page Destroy The Organized Crime Cartels, Indict the Democrat Crime Alliance, Climate People & Socialist – about Democrats’ Tradition of Slavery, actual & literal enslaving human beings

[i] [i] The body count of killed adds up to about 900,000 from a lack of early treatment, which studies are showing help about 85% of people instead of vaccines and another 200,000 killed by the experimental vaccines we’ve been exposed to the last couple years.  From a January 1, 2022 interview by Jan Jakieleik with Dr. Peter McCullough on American Though Leaders video package Part 2: Dr. Peter McCullough on Omicron Realities and VAERS Reports on Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

[ii] I example a few working models that I believe are appropriate for us, and they are proven to work.

[iii] Washington Examiner Yale shocker: 29.5 million illegal immigrants, 3X higher than Census number by Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets Columnist, September 23, 2018

[iv] I’m going with 6,000 jobs per each billion dollar$ in the economy, there are numerous reports saying it could be more, these are in small amounts but would be new dollars into our economy and would create jobs

[v] Federation for American Immigration Reform, Issue Brief; The United States Loses $150 Billion Annually in Remittances By Matthew O’Brien, Spencer Raley and Casey Ryan | May 2019

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