Fact Is That Trump Freed Slaves and Saved Lives, while Democrats Are Evil Slavers and War Criminals!

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This is Part of the President Donald J. Trump Greatest Successes Series:

  1. Democrats Order the Border Open & Unscreened
    1. Therefore, Democrats Deprive Citizens of Services, Safety & Increase Taxes
  1. Democrats Abandoned Syria
  1. Democrats Literally Create Slavery
    1. Borders, Abroad, And Domestically, please see, in addition to my introductory article on Democrats Slavery Traditions vs. Republican Security & Freedom, in my Allies Magazine We Don’t Do Camps: For Republican Unity Pre-launch Issue.

In addition, Legislative Blog Topics about Democrats Slavery Operations & Traditions, linked at: Democrats Are the Party and A tradition of Slavery, Right Now not a Hundred Years Ago or Whatever – allies.biz :

  1. Our Girls Taken at Home
    1. That’s right, Democrat Party Malfeasance.
  1. Portland, Oregon Road Diet Policy
    1. Dem Practices in Forcing Poverty & No Public Safety for an asymmetrical warfare Re-Districting Scheme to Attract a New England Lifestyle
  1. Security at Borders
    1. Close to $3Trillion in lost Tax Revenue
  1. Foreign Policy
    1. Syria, The Arab Street & elsewhere. Please feel free to comment and identify targets.
  1. Communist & Socialist Alliances
    1. How much money has China given?
    2. We have a dozen confirmed Chinese interventions into 2020 USA elections, yet no special counsel like we got the Russia Gate which we now know was a complete fabrication by the Clintons.
  1. Organized Crime Cartel & Triad Fund Raisers?
    1. USA-Citizen-Only-Allowed-Fund-Raisers-In- Mexico.
      1. Tens of Thousands of Socialist Chinese Falsified Documents Saturate Mexico…
      2. So how exactly is the Democrat Party & Fund Raiser confirming this stuff, because it’s very obvious that Allies can ALLEGE Democrats and their Organized Crime Cartel Collaboration.
  1. Democrats Allow the Free Flow Of Virus Unchecked
    1. After All Our Work, Pain, Loss & Suffering That’s What We Get from Democrats. Democrats Are Very Evil Too Us.
  1. Republicans Secured Syria in a matter of Weeks, Ending Slave Markets
  1. Republicans Secure the Border
  1. Republicans Create A Legitimate Economy & Bring Resources to Us.
  1. Criminal Aliens Do NOT Pay Taxes.
  1. Trump passed 9 Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking Laws
  1. Obama-Biden Brought Slave Markets, Enforce the Existence of Slavery in the USA[1], Sponsor Human Trafficking, Create War Crimes on The Arab Street with Knowing Intent To Do So[2]
  2. Trump Got Every Law Enforcement Endorsement While Democrats Got None!


  1. Trump brought Historic Peace to the Arab Street with a Nomination for A Nobel Peace Prize No Less.
    1. Democrats Brought War, Pestilence, Ruin and Destruction Too The Arab Street


Advocacy Mission Comment:

Democrats Created Slave Markets in Syria, enslaving a person for sale, literally okay.

Democrats leave the Border unscreened, facilitating what they call Modern Slavery or Human Trafficking is another phrase for the Women Forced into the Sex Trades that pass thru Texas.

Democrats idiot policies deprive Town, County, State & Federal Governments of resources[i] when our girls our being taken by slavers and human traffickers.

Trump brought 11 initiatives in 9 Anti-Slavery Laws, Democrats brought only terrible suffering & shame.

Trump brought security to Syria and ended the slave markets.

Democrats instead are evil, and created slave markets.

Trump should be nominated for Hero in the Christian Church of The Anglican Communion for this work alone.

Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

© 2023 Scott Schlatter

[1] Unscreened Border Policy, Irresponsible Foreign Policy, No support of law enforcement mitigation of Domestic Slavery

[2] Iran Nuclear Deal was unsigned by Iran, and simply empowered Iran to start wars in Syria and Yemen, and types of insurgencies in about dozen other nations and regions globally

[i] $348 Billion Lost In Tax Revenue Alone, Every Year Due to Democrat’s Lack of Border Security Policies, that’s the minimum loss we are suffering in Tax Revenue Alone

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