Wage Losses & Related Tax Losses

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 Depressing wages & taking up to 37.3 million or more jobs (pre-virus estimate

  1. Democrat Scheme to increase their voter base
    1. Causing Lost Jobs, Lost Resources, Lost Opportunities & Just a Bad Idea That Ruins Lives
  2. USA Entrepreneurial Powers Unleashed


This is Part of the Security at Border Series, please see points & comments below

Advocacy Mission Statement:

The Allies mission is about economic issues, that we can improve legislatively, in a Privatized and For-Profit way.

The objective is to build a competitive export nation with high wages that is recession proof.  An Export USA Nation that brings capabilities to nations working hard to get out of poverty, help their people, and keep their people home instead of dumping a welfare state population on the USA.  A Partner-in-Prosperity mutual benefit idea.

Therefore, I’m arriving at USA problems like Security at Borders both here and Abroad, at ways you’re unfamiliar with, and are at best under reported.

  • Arriving At Issues from An Economic Perspective
    1. Security of Borders Advocacy with Criminal & Civil Sanctions
    2. Export Nation USA consideration, we don’t want to alienate foreign populations. We’re Not a Charity Either.


  • Up to 37.3 Million Jobs Lost (pre-virus estimate)
    1. 95 Million USA Citizens Still Need Good Work
    2. Groundswell of Wages Increases with Border Security
  • Trillion$ in losses to the economy
  1. Not to mention our entrepreneurial spirit as folks make more $$
    1. World’s Most Exceptional Population are Job Creators


  • At Least $348 Tax Revenue Loss Yearly to Welfare & Lost Wages[i]
    1. Broad Economic Impact May Increase This Estimate A lot


We lose at least $348 Billion a year in tax revenue for Local, State& Federal Budgets simply with welfare payments and income taxes losses alone.

This is a hard estimate utilizing known averages, criminal alien population analytics, and I skew it to a low-income population in the USA.  Because this population of Criminal Aliens for the most part isn’t coming here for Private Equity Jobs, okay.

Therefore, please don’t be surprised if the $348 Billion in Tax Revenue Loss number doubles or goes even over $2Trillion a year, in tax revenue NOT Gross Wages.

Because there is a broader economic impact of wages increasing throughout the economy, and the increased capability of the American people to create entrepreneurial employment opportunities for themselves if given the resources that come with decent wages.

Because this involves the Democrat Party’s strategy to represent and make Criminal Aliens into actual new voters, studies are limited.

None the less, at the minimum and in sum you can say border security pays off Student loans in a year & half, up to five years.  All of Them. This would happen due to Open Borders adverse effects finally being mitigated.

Bernie Sanders commented about this, and is against open borders that the USA has[ii] because it’ll attract too many poor people to the USA. Yet Bernie says the USA has a broken immigration system, which that thinking goes the wrong way.  I’m still a little amazed Bernie gets quoted in a advocacy for Republican Unity, but it’s important to know where some of these guys are.  Basically it may help us create election messaging flanking opportunities.

Because we’re losing too many jobs too open borders, and must tighten border security up until our economy can absorb the 95 million of our people, we have that are actually, out of work.

Additionally on the economic issues of Border Security, in counting the sum of Savings.  We could have the Marine Corp Self-Funding in 3 years or less with a Sovereign Style Savings Account Fund.

Because our current economy isn’t capable of funding government thru savings accounts. We must make choices.  I believe the Marine Corp is a critical first choice for resources.  Followed close by the Courts, Marshal Service, and then every law enforcement agency.

Additionally on border and immigration, we need to recognize opportunities, gaps, shortages and needs.

We do have shortages of expertise that make us need to recruit, and there is a unique opportunity to relocate the South African Afrikaners to our Columbia River Basin.

This is a world class people under threat by Socialist, and Afrikaners will easily advance our Pivot-To-The-Pacific interests.

The Columbia River Basin is an immense natural logistics, recreational, and energy resource located ideally for us on the Pacific Rim where Billions of new consumers are emerging.  This great resource is tragically undeveloped. And unfortunately, it’s only major city is Portland, Oregon.  Which makes creating an Afrikaner Autonomous Zone through this corridor and surrounding lands very critical to our success, with Afrikaner capability to turn around the losses we’ve made and develop the open ground we have. For our people, and mutual benefit with Afrikaners.

I’m calling the Columbia River Basin Allies Holy Ground.


Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

© 2023 Scott Schlatter


[i] This estimate is from the average cost the Federation of Americans For Immigration Reform (FAIR) published of $8,075 per illegal alien family member in The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers (2017) by Matthew O’Brien, Director of Research Spencer Raley, Research Associate and Jack Martin, Advisory Board Member, I believe Congress is keeping up the subsidy pace since Nancy Pelosi says Democrats want to represent criminal aliens in elections; Secondly, that the up to 7 million unfilled jobs in the USA are a direct result of Blue State Sanctuary Policies that attract criminal aliens and depress wages causing the folks that need those jobs too have no resources to connect to those jobs; Thirdly, I’m using an average tax paid by these 37.3 Million jobs of only $3,000 instead of the $10,000 published average because we’re stewarding the lower wage earners who will see new great rewards in their lives because of this mission.

[ii] Bernie Sanders says he is against open borders, for ‘comprehensive immigration reform ‘THE Hill BY CHRIS MILLS RODRIGO – 04/08/19 08:08 AM EDT This article was a later release, when you see the original video Bernie is very clear that open borders are bad for his agenda.

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