Afrikaner USA Autonomous Zone, Part Two

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  1. Becoming Export Nation USA Solves A lot of Problems for Us
  1. Afrikaner Are World Class
  1. We Lack the People We Need
  1. State of Jefferson, All of Oregon & Southern Washington State


This is Part of the Pivot-To-The-Pacific Series:


Advocacy Mission Statement:

Our capability to build an export nation, has a light bench.  We the USA, are even losing our people to foreign opportunities instead of retaining our own human capital.

The emerging world has more money than we do now, since 2010 actually, and we are starting to lose critical cities.

The Afrikaner population is world class. Their country is overrun by Socialist policies, and will therefore fail.  Many Afrikaners have left South Africa, many more scream about wanting to relocate but lack the economic capability due to the Socialist economy.  Nonetheless, the Afrikaners are able to build world leading cities, stock markets and infrastructure.

Afrikaners create and have a more advanced civilization than the USA.  This is openly acknowledged.

The Columbia River Basin is a God’s Gift for us, this is the perfect resource for a USA Pivot-To-The-Pacific.  And for the capabilities we lack, a new Afrikaner Autonomous Zone is able to critically help in the Allies cause of economic development of the USA in this corridor.  By concentrating an Afrikaner population and attracting their capability in this corridor that I’m calling our Holy Ground.

This is the best chance we have going forward to be a successful nation that pays it’s bills, is debt free, and helps it’s people.

In addition to a more robust Export Nation USA, I expect one or two of our current towns to become world class cities with the right incentives a large Afrikaner population building new lives and a new home among us.

Unfortunately, juxtapose this critical development need too the only existing major city in this entire Corridor & River Basin today is Portland, Oregon.

Portland is bad for us because it’s been radicalized, turned from a globally known bad place for business into an evil place to live due to Democrat Party Governance.

Portland has been made into a Mecca of Progressivism without the economy the Eastern Democrat activists expected.

You see, Democrats intentionally neglected roads to deny a Republican Voting Presence and built instead Obsolete-Rail-Mass-Transit without enough buts to fill those Seats.

Democrats did this to attract New England Democrat Voters, Voters that prefer to rely on passenger rail and often have no experience driving a vehicle.

Democrats’ strategy of installing investment-value-destroying-rail, and neglecting entire wealth creating road corridors that were designed to simply add lanes is a form of depravity.

Lives were and are ruined, slavery has literally returned, resources are scarce, wages are low, exploitation is endemic in various forms, and public safety is at an all-time-low.

This same pre-set road corridor structure existed in Los Angeles and Seattle, both of which have already filled in those lanes.

These are corridors of highway & interstate that were designed to simply add lanes without even any further public comment.  Simply a DOT administration could do a study, and order additional lanes.  Yet Democrats have gone so far to damage society that they actually put some of these commuter rails in the pre-set highway corridors, there’s that much room there in Portland, Oregon.  Obviously NOT a dense metropolitan to rely on mass transit, but instead responsible leadership would do everything to grow roads to end poverty.

The lack of economic depth that this Democrat strategy has facilitated is so bad that a Non-Partisan NGO is suing the Democrat leadership because their plans are detrimental to civilization, and make no economic sense.  Pleadings that Democrats have failed to meet contract agreements on how many people use a commuter train in such a small metropolitan.

Unbelievably, there is even a group advocating for No Roads & Zero Growth, regardless of social problems caused by poverty, that operates here in Portland.  Where you’ll see that, Portland is the highest per capita in sexual exploitation in the USA.

Supported by publishable evidence like adult clubs[1], kidnapping our girls[2], sugar Daddies[3], crime[4], et cetera … .

Please feel free to add information, there may be money in it for you.  And I’m NOT law enforcement, Allies maybe able to help.  Contact at: any of the reply webpage at the bottom of each rotation page, the Contact Us page, or PO Box 546, Vancouver, WA  98666

Then due to it’s sanctuary for criminal aliens policies, in addition too, anti-road policies, Portland is a City doubling down on life ruining poverty, creating poor wages and a generally poor lifestyle.  Which has consistently been the cause of violent riots.

Republicans, on the other hand, like roads because they provide mobility that creates wealth, studies show roads are 2.5x’s more likely to create homeownership[5], for example, that’s a strong fact. It seems Republicans are good about making their own driving path!

So, Democrats are attracted to a metropolitan that has supposedly grown so much economically that it has elevated itself to a rail system level.  Unfortunately, in Portland that is a completely false signalA sign that there should be economic depth, when Portland actually lacks any economic depth, and in fact destroys investment values.  Democrats are doing this when Allies is trying to build an export nation economy based on new investment supporting a recession proof and high wage production economy.

The small network of commuter passenger rail that Portland leftists, Progressives & Democrats were able to build with the idea of attracting New England voters, has devastated and ruined lives.

In my interviews about how this happened, when it’s so easy to simply fill in lanes which would save lives and provide public safety resources so our girls would stop being taken by organized crime cartels for sex trades, for example.

A criminal occurrence, which is now so common because Portland wont build roads.

These interviews throughout the Metro, I did because I didn’t get it.  They had to explain to me how this is even happening.  They told me it’s a redistricting effort by the Progressive Left with Democrats to attract and keep New England Democrat voters into the Portland Metropolitan Area.

The phrase lifestyle kept coming up, too.  Both from Republican or Democrat discussions.

Democrats building commuter trains in an open-gun-carry / no sales tax state is to send a message to New Englanders that Portland Oregon is ready, like some kind of faraway New Jersey.

But without roads to support an economy with decent wages and housing the New Yorker gets their Radical-Democrat-Protest-On, spewing Progressive destructive ideas in a place without economic depth.  Because living conditions are so bad, Eastern Progressive Democrats are upset, and they were misled[6] & [7].

These New Englanders go so far to start putting together Death Squads to take out anyone else, that has a decent opinion, especially when it involves facts. Which intuitively to me personally seems incentivized by the high crime stats I’m reporting to everyone I can, and that the lack of prosecution in Portland is so bad that outside Law Enforcement quit responding.  When it’s well known going heavy handed on low end misdemeanor and felony prosecutions send a message upward that prevent serious crimes, and at a great cost savings to government budgets and the general civilization.

This WHOLE PRO-CRIME DEAL IN PORTLAND, OREGON is also known as Shoot-yourself-in-the-foot as far as my personal opinion of what they accomplish.

Please be advised there are serious security issues in Portland, Oregon.

I and Allies will advocate to get greater incentives for Republicans and Afrikaners to be involved here, and participate in a New Federal Militia with the Sheriff’s Departments and additional law enforcement to provide security we need to enable economic growth.

Besides the public safety issue for my people this should work with the Broken Windows Theory of clean, safe streets with businesses in good working order.  Where studies find in Lowell Massachusetts and the Netherlands that safe and clean reduces crime and crime calls, and that filth and a lack of indictments does escalate crime.

And Allies will push to indict & imprison leftists in our city, and help this critical location in as many multi-faceted ways as reasonably possible. Including that we need to create an Afrikaner Autonomous Zone along this basin, that includes All of Oregon, and as far South as Northern California along the same lines as the proposed State of Jefferson.  To help us, and mutually help Afrikaners.

We need to provide Afrikaners with Visa Free access, relocation assistance, require all schools to teach Afrikaans in this zone so our kids and Afrikaner children are native speakers.  With mutual teaching of both our cultures history.  Legal parity of our laws and Afrikaner laws is critical.  Then obviously, tax incentives to help the Afrikaners build a world class city or two in this critical Pivot-To-The-Pacific region.

A sparsely populated poor region.  That we currently have Portland, Oregon as the only major city. A city which is an extremely poorly managed economically.  The potential advanced cities we can gain in this zone with the cheapest electricity on earth, vast business site opportunity, logistics advantages, tourism advantages, and International-World-Class capability the Afrikaners have will attract global talent and investment.  Turning the USA away from a Tax & Spend Welfare State into a Productive Export Nation that builds and saves lives for a great flowering of humanity’s potential.

Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

© 2023 Scott Schlatter


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