Oregon Development Act:  Pivot-To-The-Pacific Legislative Solutions

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This is Part of the USA Pivot-To-The-Pacific Series: 

  1. Oregon Has The Resources On It’s Own:
    1. Keep in mind that the State of Oregon on it’s own has about $37Billion a year
    2. $3Billion is obvious waste every year, on making Government Employees an Elite Class over everyone else.
  • Democrats Passenger rail destroys investment value & is about 90% subsidized, including taking resources from Schools, Fire & Police
    1. Funds we have to re-task to roads
    2. Roads create wealth, home ownership, mobility, and it’s well known
    3. Roads will end slavery, poor wage & work conditions, end exploitation, and increase mobility
  1. Vast Under Utilized Freeways:
    1. Freeways Designed to Simply Add Lanes
      1. Lanes NOT Filled In
      2. Hundreds of Miles Of Unpaved Roads in the City
      3. NOBOBY ELSE DOES THIS, the depravity of the Democrats knows no bounds, and Democrats Need To Pay
  1. Town Rail that is a Detriment to Civilization Removed & Liquidated
  • Need 10-by-10, 20 lane Loop around Portland


  1. Need Reversible Lanes I-5 North & I-84 East:
    1. 3-by-17 Reversible Rush Hour Lanes
      1. Currently Democrats Force 6-into-1 Lane, which when you see the devastation on lives it’s malfeasance & evil, including slavery of citizens is one of the criminally negligent problem’s I’ve found
  1. Half Completed I-205 Loop, finish the job!:
    1. Need Completion For Huge Wage and Investment Improvement
    2. Connect Cities with more ease to fill in legacy lanes Democrats wont pave
  • Proximity Too High Wages Around Hillsboro, Oregon should bring a large flowering of small business and franchise.
  1. These Are Actually Larger Segments, so I’m showing you titles here:
    1. Double the Highway Lanes around city
    2. Dedicated Bicycle Paths
      1. Trucks and Bicycles Don’t Mix Well
      2. Temp solutions are a joke or are you broke?
      3. Democrats Are Psychopath? … They May Get Analyzed.
  1. Make The City Safe, intersections, mirrors, head-on-collision barriers, et cetera … .
  1. Coast Road Grows to 3-by-3 Lanes with Additional Turn Lanes
  1. Connect Key Ports and End Poverty Among Our People


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