Allies Afrikaner Situation Report June 2023:

Re:  Afrikaner Autonomous State, for a Pivot-to-the-Pacific at & around the USA-Columbia River Basin as far south as Northern California and All of Oregon.

Important Directly Related Legislative Blog Topics

52, Create an Afrikaner Autonomous Zone, Part One –

53, Afrikaner USA Autonomous Zone, Part Two –

54, The incentives, Afrikaner USA Autonomous Zone, Part Three, –

55, Columbia River Basin Logistics & Benefits –



Oregon has Democrat governance phasing out.  Oregon is our critical location, and  Republicans are helpful for us. Allies exists as a project to circumvent Democrat’s policy malfeasance, violence against Republicans, and actually created from a Rockefeller Foundation & Brookings Institute Joint Study on creating an Export Nation USA.

My nation is seeing a trend to the conservative with 3 Million new Republican & 10 Million fewer Democrat voters in the 2022 Federal Mid-term Elections.  Democrats have lost their mandate in Oregon so are being advised to work with Republicans, yet Dems keep Fascistic Methods & Attitudes.

Big picture Democrats lost the USA voting public in 2016, self-declaring themselves a Regional Party.  Since then they have cleverly clawed their way in to political power, and utilized Wartime Footing messaging to incite violence and assassination per the US Department of Justice determination[i].

Elections can go our way, in many districts, but lobbying the Oregon Legislature for example, is of questionable value.  My operational objective is to have an on-the-ground Cadre Advocacy presence in 42 States to help legislation, elections, and jobs go our way.  Registered Lobbyist with an economic development mix of USA-Taiwan-Afrikaner interests.  It’s a Billion$ Allies Foundation idea that I need to guarantee operational continuity that helps policy makers vote our way.

Existing Allies Project resources:


  • Mission supporting new Magazine We Don’t Do Camps: For Republican Unity,
  • book One Episcopal Man vs. Socialist China & Climate Change: Flashpoints,
  • website phone adapted with 64 Pre-Launch Legislative Blog Topics,
  • and registered or exempt lobbyist in Columbia River Basin Pivot-to-the-Pacific

Cordially, Scott-Lee, Schlatter


  1. Background


  1. Allies is Lobbying for USA Revenue Growth


  1. Afrikaner Autonomous State
    1. My Nation’s Pivot-to-the-Pacific Holy Ground


  1. Portland, Oregon Only Major City in entire corridor
    1. Lack of Economic Depth
    2. No Economic Growth Advocates hold sway
      1. Causes poverty, exploitation, actual slavery


  1. Vancouver, Washington best start location
    1. Public Safety is sufficient, Good Business Sites & Ocean Port


  1. Allies lobbying for Mandatory Afrikaner Employment Requirements


  1. Afrikaner Autonomous State Legislative Blog Topics


  1. Democrat Party Malfeasance
    1. Have yet to find a city they can’t ruin
    2. New York Template doesn’t adapt well to a poor city with the USA’s worst exploitation per capita, adult clubs, sugar daddies & organized crime cartel called on for Opposition Politics vs. Republicans
      1. Defund the Police caused serious damage to Portland P.D.,

Only Life & Death Calls responded too, if you get an answer.


  1. History of the Place
    1. Astoria Oregon formed in 1811, shortly after USA, itself.
      1. Graveyard of the Pacific, geology is too new, lead to formation of Seattle.
      2. 2010 became operational.
        1. Bush Republicans cleared the river for global commerce as far as Portland.  To give them a chance. G.W. Bush.


  1. Oregon’s Initial Constitution Closely Follows Texas
    1. Outside of Yankee Influences in Portland.
      1. Oregon is an open gun carry state, handshake deals are stronger than paper, fed up with Yankee Democrats Oregonians Form Separatist Movement with Legitimacy in law.


  1. Oregon’s Radical Legislature
    1. Pro-Illicit Narcotics policies have attracted every Organized Crime Cartel on Earth, literally. People are terrified.
      1. Opportunity for Mandatory-Gun-Ownership & Carry


  1. A Boarding Pass, program, A Report
    1. Allies Lobbying Cadre, & Allies Foundation


  1. Why the Switch from Invest Here to Evacuate This Place
    1. Chinese, Ridiculously Stupid
    2. Dutch & British, A Bad Place
  • Yankee’s, We have a little problem with this town
  1. Scott-Lee, Dangerously Stupid
    1. But they tried to murder me, therefore, my book is dedicated to law enforcement their USA military support & allied security troops. Kept me alive, when Yankee’s may be found to say This isn’t supposed to be happening.  Well I’m still here, and Allies is getting operational.


  1. Lake Oswego Oregon has a Dangerous Clique.
    1. Influences entire Metro including Vancouver, WA


  1. Democrat Party Governance Malfeasance, in our to be zone: The List
    1. Narco-Terrorist State
    2. Defund the Police
    3. Homeless Stupidly Mitigated
    4. Net Negative Population
    5. Democrat Leaders Incite Violence
    6. Breaching Hydroelectric Irrationally
    7. No Roads Campaign Platforms
    8. Climate Data Fraud


  1. Mitigation of Democrat Created Problems, Points & Comments
    1. Cause for Allies Foundation and a political economic lobbying Cadre
    2. Allies Foundation Billion$ funding objective for continuity & influence




 Allies is a lobbying advocacy with a strategy to empower and work with State’s and allies globally. As a workaround of the Federal USA to solve problems, and help people in their economic lives.

With the Objective that the USA to become a great For-Profit global supplier of goods and services to advance economies, and lives.  An Export Nation USA, a production economy that builds and saves instead of the tax & spend consumption economy my nation has today.

The very word consumption comes to us from the dark ages to watch the body consume itself, that’s what we actually have here in the USA today.

This logo I had created touches on the key elements of Allies objective and practices.  The commerce double winged caduceus, prosperity, life & death serious, with a strong pretorian for public safety and we do what we can for each other in relative peace.



When I first realized the Afrikaner population could bring great value and capabilities to my nation the USA, things were bad in my proposed Afrikaner Autonomous Zone[i] (AAZ), located at our most critical Pivot-to-the-Pacific location the Columbia River Basin.



A location and corridor that I’m calling Our Holy Ground, if any civilization ever had one, this is ours, and I publish exactly that.

Portland, Oregon is the only major city in the corridor.  This is bad luck.  There is a list of problems against human beings the Democrat Governance there have created.  Please see point#4 The List about Democrat Party Malfeasance, after A History of the Place point# 2, and A Boarding Pass program point# 3.



A significant concern for this project is first that the Portland, Oregon Metro simply doesn’t have economic depth at all.

Second, Oregon in this modern age is an economic lagger, first into recession and last out of recession.

What’s worse, third, is a significant and influential retired population that is pushing hard on every-level against economic development.  They have actual groups calling for Zero Growth & No Growth, in what is measurably the most exploited city population in the USA for certain, and probably beyond, too.

We need jobs for Afrikaners.  Therefore, these factors amount to a terrible situation.

For Afrikaners to try to populate a zone that can’t even economically absorb it’s own people in need.  Is very far from ideal, but the voting public is pushing back against Democrats.



We maybe able attract business to Vancouver, Washington State?

It’s the North side of the Portland Metro, and historically Republican.  It retains public safety, business sites, and good logistics.  Though the most recent Federal House Seat went Democrat on a close call, but due to world class Yankee Democrat messaging which is well funded, and clever.  This is where we have to get involved in Elections, to help things go our way.



The lobbying plan needs to include an Afrikaner employment requirement.

Where no investment occurs without the employment & native first language Afrikaans concessions.



In addition to each of the other requirements in Allies Afrikaner Autonomous State Legislative Blog Topics.


52, Create an Afrikaner Autonomous Zone, Part One –

53, Afrikaner USA Autonomous Zone, Part Two –

54, The incentives, Afrikaner USA Autonomous Zone, Part Three, –

55, Columbia River Basin Logistics & Benefits –



Democrats with no regard for economic sense, nonetheless with brilliant election messaging Democrat’s have achieved political rule in Oregon, and follow a pattern of Yankee policies yet without the economic depth you find in New England, and particularly New York City.  This brings ruin to Western Cities, and a greater depth of economic despair to Portland. This is why elections matter.


For example, Democrats lack ability to adapt to other locations.  When you tinker with a vast New York Police Department, there may actually be a benefit?  But when you Defund-the-Police in Portland Oregon, for example, you bring devastation of public safety and police morale.

And looking at, the riots a couple summers ago during the Trump Government kept having the organizers calling the actual rioter in the streets back to Get On Message.  When you listen to the rioter in the streets, and what we were being told via the media, was Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.  Because there are none.

Democrats are notorious for both a lack of economic wherewithal, and having found a city they can’t ruin.


Now the Portland Police only answer life & death calls, if 911 even answers.  Though they are trying to put out regular patrols during the Summer season, because around Portland is world leading outdoors, including the Columbia River Gorge that competes with Hawaii & Fiji in watersports.   There is no depth to the law enforcement, meaning as summer heats up, there’s going to be trouble for some that wouldn’t exist with a depth of Republican Leadership and Governance.



The history of the place has some value to know for us.

Because Portland-Oregon City, was a destination until the Columbia River that thinking was based on, earned the name Graveyard of the Pacific. This reality created Seattle.

My Great Granddaddy lost 2 ocean freighters to the unpredictable sand and silt bars of this river.  Afterward participated in the original founding of Tacoma, Washington State.


In 1811 a few years after the founding of my Nation. Astoria, Oregon was founded.  In a location that appeared to be an ideal Cross-Continental link starting point, yet again it’s young age in geological terms makes the Columbia River a Death Trap.  That was only and finally solved by the G.W. Bush Administration, and made operational in 2010 for commercial shipping as far as Portland.  Literally 200-years from when we first tried to make it happen.  To give them a chance.


Oregon has laws that are identical to Texas in weapons carry & use, and hand-shake agreements.  This has been dramatically corrupted on weapons for self-defense, by Yankee mischief.


Today Oregon has attracted literally every organized crime group on earth.  Because they consider Oregon one of the radical States, where it’s better for them as criminals to operate.  People around the South and Southwest of Oregon are terrified.  The local Republican representative has been calling for Federal Tactical Teams to mitigate.


This organized crime cartels presence combined with a devastation of Portland Law Enforcement should create a Ballot Measure opportunity to mandate Gun Ownership & Open Carry of a weapon throughout the State.

It’s good practical policy for the State and my hope is that the realization Portland is a remote city, with strong Republican roots, terrible Democrat policies, no depth of public safety or economy and inspire Yankee’s to leave.


A Boarding Pass, We’ll Get You, Your Family, Your Business & People Out of There. To Safe Republican Ground.


I envision this being operational as Allies offices become operational.  The strategy is a mixed lobbying-economic development staff, that would coordinate with State’s & Nation’s Economic Development Offices.  There is no unofficial, nor is there investment capital from Allies.

An Allies Foundation is critical to success, and you’ll see it creates a continuity that Republican Policy Makers need to make tough choices that go our way.  It’s a cash flow tool for wages, offices, and limited election involvement along the lines of a Cadre.  Very unlikely to be in this relocation program and never speculative.


About the switch from advocating for investment in my homeland, to organizing a relocation of business with their related families, it’s simply that things have gotten so bad that investors are walking away.


Reports are coming from the media about business organizations being refused investment, not for their opportunity or capability, but for their location in and around Portland, Oregon.

Ridiculously Stupid is the translation the Chinese are spreading around for their people in Lake Oswego specifically yet building a hate of the Entire Portland Metro WA & OR as the problems remain unresolved.



It’s appearing more and more, to me that it’s Lake Oswego is the influencer in this Metro with a distaste for serious business & a blatant disregard for humanity and jobs, all the while suburbanites fill Food Bank Que’s for the first time in their lives, and dumpster dive.

There is a long and deep history of business being unwelcome in Portland.  The lack of roads is intentional to create a magnitude of poverty and exploitation that keeps Republicans out, a Retirement Community in Power, and an obsolete commuter rail installed that destroys investment value but attracts Yankee Democrats that never learned to drive in their lives.


3.c & 3.c.i:

Lake Oswego has a dangerous Clique whose tag lines are We Go Out of Our Way to Go Too Far & Do Whatever We Want.  The outcomes are horrific for their victims, and that’s all they accomplish is the creation of victims, and feeding their own depravity I suppose.  It’s my hope that I’ll have resources to form Lawyer Lead Tracker Team(s), to gather evidence that Courts may take action, and to demonstrate that it’s been impossible to operate a business here.

Allies operations fully funded should be at least 1,000 high wage jobs, and ideally would have been in the Portland Metro, but they just wouldn’t have it.  This is a large part of the need for Tracker Teams, because there is a lot of easy to get evidence with these guys, and the situations they create.  It wouldn’t need to be an Einstein lawyer to put together Scott Knew Better.  When a staffer gets murdered there for a publishable Allies Fact Check, like Climate Data Fraud or Hillary manufactured Russia-Gate.

Some Lake Oswego-ites may come out and say It Was Stupid to Attack Scott, but I suspect that we’re not dealing with a 100,000 town of Citizens, or against an entire town, but actually about 5 individual influencers. Currently outside of prosecution. Yet simply identify, reason with, or utilize the courts to mitigate the problems they create, and what can only be described as irrational enemy activity there will end.



Yankee’s are deciding that Lake Oswego is A Little Problem.

The Chinese are spreading the word, as Ridiculously Stupid and it appears specific vs Lake Oswego.  Please feel free to speak with your Chinese Friend(s) and Colleague(s) about Lake Oswego and Portland, Oregon.  Please communicate on the Contact Page, or Webpage Comment Reply.


Previously I’ve met with Dutch and British Government Scouts, where both said This is a Bad Market.  Like it was scripted, yet separately and independently over a couple years.

I’ve set this up to be visible and collaborate.  Please feel free to comment or provide leads, there maybe $money$ in it for you.



For myself I see them as dangerously stupid, but I’ve had a Law Enforcement and Uniformed Military Security presence since this project started getting Yankee Democrat Attention, with road blocks around my house, fixed and mobile security elements, and 7 categories of intimidation and attacks which I’ve organized into a list of 6 escalations.

My book, One Episcopal Man versus Socialist China & Climate Change is dedicated to Law Enforcement, their USA Military Partners & Taiwan Lead Anti-Communist Security Forces without whom I would not be alive.

My next destination is the 5 United States Navy & Marine Corp Bases around Jacksonville, Florida.  Tracker Teams will help my cause, even if I’m over doing it, but I still get interference from the Left which I’m convinced Republican Ground would never do.  I’ve gotten a lot of Republican support in my lobbying so far, Republicans have been consistent with advancing my agenda, and I have every certainty that will increase with this project.

Relocation / Evacuation Planning Discussion at:  A Boarding Pass: To Abandon Portland & Lake Owego, Oregon We’ll Get You, Your Family, Your Business & People There Out. To Safe Republican Ground.[i] –


  1. The List

About Democrat Political Party Malfeasance examples in Portland, Oregon:


  1. Legalizing otherwise illegal narcotics has attracted literally every Organized Crime Cartel on Earth to set-up shop in Oregon. People are Terrified.


  1. Defund the Police has broken morale, and law enforcement coverage.
    1. Home Breaks are Only Responded to Life & Death Situations[ii].


  1. Homeless are paid on average $1,700 a month to be homeless, the Democrat controlled legislature is about to give that a $1,000 raise, and pass a bill that allows Homeless to sue property owners for complaining.


  1. The 40-something job creating class is abandoning Portland, causing the first net negative population growth in 40 years despite large scale population moves from California where things are actually worse.


  1. 90% of Democrats believe Republicans are the problem, while most Republicans are concerned about fact-based matters[iii], and simply do not have this litany of civilization problems that Democrats create.


  1. This Democrat Party left want to breach my nations only vast Hydroelectric capacity, God’s gift with some of the worlds lowest energy prices, that naturally attracts vast internet server farms and aluminum refining.


  1. Democrats are advocating facilities removal, and with some destructive successes, for reasons that seem to lack factual basis. For example, a fish count they claim is at risk when Billion$ invested have achieved parity with natural fish populations according to both NOAA and U.C. Los Angeles Sustainability Dept.  And recent reporting shows an actual overpopulation may put the fish at fertility risk due to smaller size.


  1. No Roads Campaign Platforms, with support from anti-economic Retired Special Interests that actively try to drive out business people. Roads are proven to create wealth, instead Democrats install obsolete commuter rails to attract Yankee Voters that destroy investment value.  Where I’m an agenda for a Recession Proof High Wage economy that requires investment.  Democrats malfeasance has Portland as the worst per capita measurable exploitation in the USA.


  1. Climate Data Fraud based energy policies causing high gas prices, reducing incomes and revenues without regard to human cost or consequences. Facilitating tragedies, and even the strategic loss of food supplies.


The Oregon Democrats have lost their assumptive political victories due to these issues, and lost the super majority in the State assembly.

Yet Democrat keep the Fascistic[iv] practices and methods, with a ground game that escalates against dissenters.  The USA Federal Dept. of Justice determined and published that the Democrat had been put on a war footing, and fascistic is the DOJ’s description.  Old habits, when Democrats are being told by their own experts that they have no mandate today.  Yet having incited violence, intimidation, murder and political attacks of various kinds.

Without any legitimate agenda, a proclivity to political violence, have yet to find a city Democrats can’t ruin, the USA moving in a conservative direction according to the Cook Report, and these new realities on the ground amidst a national trend to conservatism have made Oregon a swing state.  It’s that Democrats don’t adapt their New York lifestyle to other cities they seek to control elections, throwing their weight around to only cause ruin in the West & Old Southern States.

Allies involvement in elections, fixing Federal & Yankee mistakes, or Ballot Measures are each a special project.  Yet the $Billion is funding an Allies Foundation to maintain a local presence of 40 likely Republican States and Oregon & Washington State for our Pivot-to-the-Pacific Autonomous Afrikaner State, is an economic Cadre to help policies go our way.  A foundation demonstrates continuity to help policy makers go our way, and that we are set-up to help their reelection and future employment opportunities.

The best path forward is a 3-way mix of USA-Taiwan-Afrikaner interests.  To ultimately achieve the High Wage Recession Proof Economy, and push back Socialist Communist aggressions.

[i] USA Federal Justice Department

[ii] Portland Police Bureau

[iii] Echelon Insights poll, and published in the Federalist

[iv] Justice News …


Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

© 2023 Scott Schlatter

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