A Boarding Pass:  To Abandon Portland & Lake Owego, Oregon We’ll Get You, Your Family, Your Business & People There Out.  To Safe Republican Ground.[i]


Standing Notice:

Resources to operate Field Offices and an Operations Center have been intercepted and destroyed.

I’m assured replacement funds are forthcoming, until Allies is Operational this program does not exist.

So I simply pulled it from high visibility, but it’s internet so I need to make this update.

There remains a need for this program since Portland Oregon Metro has gone from a quiet place in

North America to raise a family to complete and utter shit hole.  My ancestral homeland, too.

Cordially, Scott

  1. Intro
  2. Causes for Switching to Evacuation for Portland, Oregon from a Pro-Investment Advocacy
    1. Allies is an Economic Benefit Lobbying Mission, and is registered with agencies as required for exactly that.
    2. Portland, Oregon is the Only Major City in the Columbia River Basin, Allies Holy Ground for the USA Pivot-to-the-Pacific
      1. Therefore, coordinating a withdrawal of resources & capability is a tragedy.
    3. Developing this corridor as a critical resource to mitigate many of my nation’s social & economic problems could be a Great Opportunity.
      1. Especially since Republicans made the International Port of Portland Commercially Viable
      2. Yet Democrat’s Terrible Governance of the City deters & destroys economic opportunity and the businesses that could support people.
      3. The only rational choice is to evacuate the economic capability that exists there, until Republican Governance is working.
  3. Background
  4. Elections Matter As Democrats Continue Fascistic Practices & Methods:
    1. Democrats lost Oregon Mandate, but not their Fascistic Methods per DOJ.
    2. Democrats were therefore advised to collaborate with Republicans & Independents
    3. You Can’t Lobby with a Fascist, because no one Can Reason with Democrat Party Hate, Violence & Intolerance.
  5. Solutions
    1. Mandatory Gun Ownership & Open Carry for Ballot Measure


  1. Intro:

A Boarding Pass:  To Abandon Portland & Lake Owego, Oregon

We’ll Get You, Your Family, Your Business & People There Out.  To Safe Republican Ground.[i]

Elections are the solution to the problems causing this course of action.

And it’s Democrat Party negligent governance that demand this happen.  Driving investment away, and the job creating 40+ year olds for Oregon’s first Net Negative Population Growth in 40 years.

Elections about installing Republican Lead Governments are needed, to make Portland-Lake Oswego Oregon investment attractive again.

My Oregon Development Act (ODA) for my nation’s critical Pivot-to-the-Pacific, is on hold, and maybe a generational move.  ODA Detail links below.

Nonetheless I’m not abandoning the idea, and yet obviously we’re in serious adjustment mode by pulling people out of a critical location which in Allies writings I brand as USA Holy Ground.


2. Causes of Denunciation & Causes of Removal of Business to Allow Growth:

  1. Existing Mayor was elected on a No New Roads platform.
    1. Road’s mobility increase wages, home ownership, reducing exploitation


  1. Installing Commuter Rail to re-district as a Yankee City
    1. Destroys investment value. Export nation USA needs investment, especially at this critical Holy Ground


  1. Entrenched Retirement Community demands No Growth, Zero Growth, No Roads.
    1. Hates Pivot-to-the-Pacific
    2. Port of Portland made Commercially Accessible by Republicans
      1. G.W. Bush Give them a chance.


  1. Absent Rule of Law.
    1. Every Organized Crime Cartel on Earth, Literally, Has Set-up Shop in Oregon. People are terrified.


  1. Homeless are moved directly into a Free House without Treatment or Shelter-First Requirements
    1. In instances where narcotics is how they became homeless


  1. Yankee Democrat invader population is fascistic, and this is confirmed according to US-Dept. of Justice
    1. Yankee Leadership make Portland a destination, even though it doesn’t have the economic depth a commuter rail suggests.


  1. Background:

There are 15 Pre-Launch Legislative Blog Topics on my ODA agenda Starting at:   Pivot-Too-The-Pacific Series Intro: – allies.biz

going as far as Columbia River Basin Logistics & Benefits – allies.biz

and including the Afrikaner Autonomous Zone details like The incentives, Afrikaner USA Autonomous Zone, Part Three, – allies.biz

These three are part of 64 Legislative Blog Topics you see rotating across the top of the website, and are original content apart from my Magazine We Don’t Do Camps: For Republican Unity, and my book One Episcopal Man versus Socialist China and Climate Change: Flashpoints.

I’ll keep my planning included in postings and publications, for public discussion, because it shows how I was really trying to help people, and they’ll murder you for doing that.

And for example, my Book, and Magazine have discussions about strategies to create a High Wage Recession Proof Export Revenue Based Economy which I’m compelled to continue, for my people.  It’s important that I do, and that I get your support.

This is the best hope for my country the USA to achieve True Full Employment, end a debt based consumption economy, start a build-and-save culture with excellent health care, valuing human life, lengthy paid time-off, and real opportunity for humanity to innovate and see what we are capable of.

It’s the entrenched anti-economic growth interests in Portland-Lake Oswego that wouldn’t have it, made attacks that required extensive law enforcement protection.  Combined with seven categories of escalations from Vigilante to Biden Boy Hitmen to a ground attack. I’m out personally, and I’m advised by law enforcement This is a bad position.  Relocate as fast as fuckin’ possible.

Attacks against Republicans are commonplace in Portland.  We, including Republican leadership, have to meet in secret.

I may have some Civil Rights options due to the Yankee Vigilante & Collaborators actions against me, & against this operation.

At this point I’m personally thinking the Five United States Navy & US Marine Corp Bases around Jacksonville, Florida are about right.  Until the dust settles.

The Old South population is better insulation then San Diego’s radical left surroundings.

This decision is a survival move for me due to this significant Anti-Economic Growth & Anti-Economic Empowerment Portland-Lake Oswego Population that are determined to keep that Metro in poverty, trash lives with actual slavery of our girls today, exploit and punish any working people and families.


  1. Allies Standing Public Policy as of May 2023 Comments:

I can’t responsibly advocate a development plan for Portland, Oregon due to it’s sustained declines including public safety and exodus of job creating 40-somethings.

Oregon is experiencing a negative population circulation for the first time in 40 years, which was a State of Emergency declared of a failing Wood Products Industry, for those of us that remember.

Allies advocacy can’t place facilities in Oregon.  I of all people know better.

There are attacks on both any Fact Checking of Democrats, Support of Trump on Fact Stating basis for economic, security & his historic Arab Street peace where in apples-for-applies comparison Democrat Leaders are Declared Actual War Criminals.

And the Anti-Economic Retirement presence that drives investment away in Lake Oswego will escalate to murder Allies staffers.

Attacks of any perceived conservative is reported as widespread.  We meet in secret because of this.

Elections ground facilities may be needed, are their own Special Project, and obviously need to have military-grade capabilities.

The Yankee invaders of my homeland, I’m 8th Generation Oregonian, isn’t as lethal or sustained as the retirement community elements in Portland & Lake Oswego.  The Yankee appears to seek decent employment, and only escalates over political issues & elections.

This indigenous retirement population intimidates and escalates to murder to drive out business people.  That has a great social cost from the worst per capita measurable exploitations, perpetuating slavery including of our girls, a public safety crisis.  They simply work to ruin lives, with thinking that you should know better, than to be in Portland-Lake Oswego Oregon.  They step up to actually confront me, non-lethal verbal attacks, about how Oregon needs to be an economic backwater.


Solutions are Ballot Measures with Cause In-Oregon, not lobbying which appears to be a fruitless idea with Democrat Policy Makers maintaining Fascistic[ii] Practices & Methods in the Legislature. Measure Examples:

  1. Mandatory Gun Ownership with Open Carry Requirement
  2. Force Charter Changes to Make communities 55 & Older Only
    1. Closing schools
    2. Class Actions to strip anti-economic persons of resources to pay restitution to victims
  3. Reduce Building Permit Redundancies
  4. Blue State Owner-paid Rental Relocation Aid Ends
  5. Forced Benefits have to be Compensated For instead of new tax.
    1. Paid Leave for example is great, but the State needs to pay or compensate for.

Republicans made the Port of Portland accessible to commercial shipping, to give these people a chance.

And look at what the Democrats bring.

Please refer back to the 5-point short list, simply, Democrats haven’t found a city they couldn’t ruin.

Democrats need to be held financially responsible for the victims their policies created, and it’s as simple as changing governance to fix the problems Democrats create.

Please feel free to contact me about this on the Legislative Blog Comment Replies, Contact Us or the Allies PO Box 546, Vancouver, WA  98666

Cordially, Scott

[i] It will have to coincide & follow a business relocation.  Allies operations are designed to arrange venture capital, investment and coordinate with USA States economic development offices.   We advocate and aide, we don’t invest.

[ii] Federal United States Department Justice Statements in Justice News, speeches, and internet.

  1. Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

    © 2023 Scott Schlatter

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