Trump For Hero in the Christian Church of The Anglican (Episcopal) Communion because of results like this nine points:

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This is Part of the Allies Unity Series, please also see Trump for Hero of The Episcopal-Anglican Communion: –  in the President Donald J. Trump Greatest Successes Series Category: 

  1. Trump Helped Our Friends Like Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan and some friendly Arab Nations.
  1. Fought Slavery and won that fight in Syria where Democrats let actual Slave Markets get established before Republicans came back to shut them down.  Democrats’ Red Line on WMD is a lie.
  1. Denied Socialist and Climate People resources and prestige
  1. Fought The Virus the Best He Could, and Achieved Historic Good Results For Us All.
  1. The Virus has adapted since then, and Democrats need to adapt with it.
  1. Worked to get us better energy supplies
  1. Fought Human Trafficking, Slavery, Organized Crime Cartels & Supported Law Enforcement Like No Other President
  1. Made Reforms for Veterans that Secretary Wilkie Described as a Renaissance at the Veteran’s Administration, Saving Lives
  1. Lowered Taxes
  1. Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize facilitating Arab-Israeli peace and commerce to help improve lives and security.


Mission Statement:

Please recognize my request with cause too immortalize President Donald Trump as a Hero in the Christian Church of The Anglican Communion for his anti-slavery successes, saving military Veteran’s lives, rapid virus vaccine deployment, historic Middle East Peace that opened Arab-Israel commerce, and earned him a Nobel Peace Prize Nomination.

Once you overcome the leftist media hysteria the choice is obvious for Trump,

and besides being a credible Hero, this will help educate the public about the unique success and historic results of the Trump Presidency.

An example our people and political leaders may aspire too, made that much more possible by immortalizing the man as one of our Heros in the Christian Church of The Anglican Communion.

Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

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