Pacific Rim – NATO (NATO-2.0)

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 This is Part of the Contain & Reform Socialist China with Return of Sovereignty to Taiwan Series:

  1. Reassess Economic & Military Relations with India
    1. India as an Ally
    2. Help India Be A Reliable Economic Partner
    3. Ask That India Patrol With Us, Where Shooting May Start Heavy Fleet Groups & Every NATO Military at Taiwan
  2. Darwin Australia, Taiwan, and each former TPP Member eligible to Host Heavy Fleet Carrier Groups at cost too host
  3. Need To Achieve New NATO From India to Japan with each Pacific Rim Free Nation Having an Option for Protection & Going to War with us

Advocacy Mission Statement:

The Socialist Chinese military expansion has confirmed it’s global domination intentions of the worst kind, and a strategy to break-up the United States of America.

Socialist China has declared itself an enemy of the USA and Free Countries.

Free and Democrat Nations cry out for our support, to keep them free of being organ harvested for having an opinion, and internment in concentration or death camps.

We critically need military facilities to support Heavy Fleet Carrier Groups in Taiwan, and at or near Darwin, Australia.

Each of the affected and at-risk nations from Peru in the Americans to the Philippines to Vietnam needs to get some kind of backing and support.

It’s no coincidence, that the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) was designed to provide balance against the trouble Socialist China can bring.  It included nations like Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Chile, and Malaysia.  Natural Pacific-NATO members.

I propose that we include India in an alliance going forward.  A great nation with many peoples of Faith, and no friend of the Jihadist or Socialist China.

If accepting membership, India would become responsible for the sovereign defense of each Nation member just like being a NATO member.  This may require a policy review, because the USA Federal Government in all it’s wisdom put India together as a threat that needed to be economically balanced and contained alongside Socialist China.

On some background that’s important and maybe relevant to the Pacific Rim NATO-2.0 initiative the Republican Led USA withdrew from the TPP and started making one-to-one treaties instead of a dozen nations at once, over currency manipulation concerns.  Which Democrats explicitly said they do NOT understand.

Democrats have demonstrated in my lobbying, a complete disregard for economic issues especially when it involves the consideration of our citizens lives, welfare and potential.

It’s a pattern of behavior among Democrats, not an isolated incident.  Democrats have a broad disregard, malfeasance and idiocy on economics.  Repeating stimulus spending programs that aren’t shovel ready, damage the economy, and even more recently cause devastating inflation.

Former President Busch on the other hand helped India with Nuclear power generation, a key and critical issue for India.  Republicans are helpful.

You’ve seen Democrat’s policy recently de-authorize the Keystone XL Pipeline, too. Democrats shut down the safest way of transporting hydrocarbons, which is via pipelines instead of rail and truck logistics systems that are risky to human beings and our ecology.  Damaging working people’s lives without consideration.  Inhibiting critical energy that alleviates suffering, pain and poverty in this world.

Democrats care nothing for us, they prove that time and again.  They remain the party of slavery, and are bold to say that we choose poorly for careers.  Because of our better paying, poverty ending, globally helpful jobs do not template well with Democrats Special Interest money.

Special interest money which is absent transition plans for the Key Stone Pipeline closure, for example, and open borders when we have 95 million people out of work-force-participation that we are obligated to employ as citizens, for example.

Additionally, the CCP has a 20% baked in profit on everything Made in China going to the USA, and 30% currency baked in profit everything Made in Japan sold in the USA.  The other members went ahead as the Comprehensive & Progressive-TPP without us nonetheless of other concerns. Seeing some basic economic growth opportunities.  We obviously have to see an end to currency manipulation, and ending the Socialist criminal threat against us, which will go a lot easier with friends and allies.

Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

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