Unified Effort to End Organized Crime Cartels

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This is Part of the Allies Unity Series: 

  1. Unify 40 USA States
    1. Conservative, Fact Based and Republicans
    2. Amendments Convention to Steer USA Policy[i]
  1. Cooperation Among 160 Nations that Episcopal-Anglicans Populate
    1. Let there be No Ground for the Cartels or the Democrat Leaders that empower them, let neither be allowed among us in any of our communities globally
    2. Military Intervention into Mexico, Make Mexico Safe & Legal[ii]
  1. Deregulate Law Enforcement
    1. All Law Enforcement & Guardsmen Authorized for Border Security, & Criminal Alien Mitigation


Allies Mission Priority:

Allies Core mission is the creation of an Export Nation USA, a production economy based on export revenue that provides services and goods at a For-Profit to emerging and allied nations. For mutual economic benefit.  A partner in prosperity globally.

The first priority has to be Republican Unity, followed close by devastating the Democrat Party and hopefully shutting them down.

Democrats have let the Organized Crime Cartels (OCC) get resources with Soft on crime, unscreened borders, human trafficking, slavery, radical drug policies, et cetera … .

The OCC is now a Democrat Party ally against Republicans.  This includes CCP controlled Organized Crime in alliance with Mexico, so Republicans face a kidnapping organ harvesting concern domestically.

This relationship appears to have come full circle with Democrats Fund Raising in Mexico where the OCC control 80%[iii] of that nation.

Making it absurd to believe Democrat Fund Raisers in Mexico are legitimate.  These are supposedly USA Citizen Only events, that is in compliance with USA Federal Campaign and Election Laws.  Please see the Legislative Blog Topic linked at Destroy The Organized Crime Cartels, Indict the Democrat Crime Alliance, Climate People & Socialist – allies.biz

But Mexico is known to be saturated with Socialist Chinese made Fabricated ID’s, and CCP is good at that, and they know a lot about us down to the individuals habits.  Are there any records?  Please connect me to them at our secure contact info, and I’ve made a call for eyewitness accounts.

Organized Crime Cartels (OCC) are a detriment to civilizations globally, including each of us and most our friends.  And they have a Sanctuary Haven in Mexico, which we need to start thinking in terms of taking ground there and make it safe.

This mission will strive to lift regulations that restrict Local, State and Federal law enforcement from engaging the (OCC). Authorizing lethal outreach and arrest engagements across any jurisdictional lines or borders.

Especially critical are the USA National Border Security points like we see in Texas, in addition to mitigating the Criminal Alien presence in the interior of the USA.

Allies Strategic Mission’s Intent is to unify 40 USA States.  Too utilize State Laws, advocate for Federal Laws, achieve a consistent Republican Super-Majority in the Federal Senate, and enable an Amendments Convention to routinely meet too control the legislative terrain of the USA.

With unity in the USA, at least among the responsible States.

I would like to have a Phase Two where we legislatively influence globally among the 160 nations of Episcopal-Anglicans.

My kin should be able to help push back, degrade or even destroy everyone of the Climate people, Organized Crime Cartels, and Socialist.

Due to the reach of the internet this may not be a completely symmetrical progression.

Yet Allies mission objectives develop as they may, adapting with the problems we face, I believe we do need to ultimately be forming alliances.

In some instances strengthening alliances, re-tasking resources, building Influence, coordinating the Socialist China Boycott, and legislative efforts as each community and nation determine their sovereign needs, and how we can work together.

Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

© 2023 Scott Schlatter

[i] These Links follow immediately here. Please see Legislative Blog Topic pages #16 & #17 of 64 on Strategy and 18 to 23 for topics, links here. That I believe we can get a convention, but it is a secondary initiative to pushing back and ending socialism and the climate crime spree.  The advantage of being legislative is that even a State’s policy office can peruse these topics, and make recommendations to make or change law.  So it has value to get as much of the agenda as possible in front of policy maker resources.

16, We Are Going Back to Water – allies.biz

17, A Natural Gas Age, A Great Age for Humanity – allies.biz

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23, Regular Prosecution for Impeachments – allies.biz

[ii] Please see rotation page #35 of 64 for related


[iii] Daniel Horowitz the Blaze June 3, 2019 Mexican government admits 80% of its populated territory is run by cartels, including key border areas


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