Elections Go Socialist’ Way, In The USA, really?

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  1. Congressional Democrats Impeachment Obsession
    1. Democrat Criminal Political Stunt
      1. Dems Co-Mingled Impeachment Law Therefore Courts would throw it out.
      2. Get a half-assed idea filed to appease the home base at Christmas Break
  1. Confirmed Communist Election Interference in USA
  1. Communist Claims Ownership of Biden, Manchurian Candidate yet in office
  1. Trump for Hero in the Christian Church of the (Episcopal) Anglican Communion.
  1. Afghanistan Fiasco, to Communist Chinese Benefit under Biden. Trump had USA-NATO in best position ever!


Allies Advocacy Mission Statement:

That the Socialist Chinese (CCP) interfered in the USA election, isn’t in dispute.

The USA Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe Confirmed this.

We know that the Socialist with military precision in 4 Swing States, and open canvassing in 7 States turned elections to Biden.

Yet there is no Congressional out cry, no election integrity investigation or committee hearings.

Escalating further in the wrong way, in fact, Democrats moved to Impeach Trump a second time when he was already out of office saying that they did this so that he can’t be re-instated or elected to office.  Instead of looking at serious election threats that pushed Republicans out of office.

These impeachments were introduced without outside indictment, and co-Mingled two Constitutional Amendments which means the Courts would throw it out if the Congress did expel a President that way.

Democrats’ deeds were simply a political stunt to appease the home crowd.

Please see Legislative Blog Topic Regular Prosecution for Impeachments – allies.biz for some details and damages Democrats did with obsessing about Impeachment, and my article Trump for Hero of The Episcopal & Versus Democrats[1] showing cause and requesting that Trump be a Hero in the Christian Church of The (Episcopal) Anglican Communion. Some points on Legislative Blog Topic, linked here: Trump For Hero in the Christian Church of The Anglican (Episcopal) Communion because of results like this nine points: – allies.biz

And please juxtapose Trumps’ historic and epic accomplishments to Bidens character and failings.   Biden appears to be on the take with Socialist China having taken money, and CCPs’ agent claims.

Biden is a man legitimately being investigated for embezzlement, and influence peddling.

Then after taking office Biden had our forces run away in the middle of the night from Afghanistan, without warning or consulting any of our NATO or local allies, leaving the Billion Dollar Bagram base for Socialist China.  Who had paid the Bidens and the CCP claims to control, a moron Manchurian Candidate that’s actually in office and carrying water for the communist.

And about $85-Billion in military equipment for the Socialist to reverse engineer, our best equipment, probably the largest International Trade Arms Regulatory (ITAR) violation in the history of the planet.

Trump had NATO in the best position since the war started, and Biden bizarrely blew that begging the question whose side is Biden on? Trump would of relocated that advanced military equipment to Pakistan, on the double-quick!

Biden escalating yet again on some political polarizing messaging that White Supremist are the number one national security threat when that is a minuscule population, and we have widespread CCP military facilities throughout the USA operating under cover as Confucius Institute.

These Socialist China (CCP) institutes are military facilities, operating People’s Liberation Army servers, and working to gain the favor of folks for the CCPs’ benefit.

This is the same CCP that has declared the USA is it’s enemy with designs to break up the USA.

Democrats are looking at criminal negligence by ignoring the actual problem and distracting the nation with some irrelevant political messaging.

Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

© 2023 Scott Schlatter

[1] We Don’t Do Camps™ Pre-Launch Issue available soon at www.allies.biz & on-line retailers for free, but please donate

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