Democrats Damage Humanity for Fool Impeachment Attempts on a legitimate Republican President,

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  1. The Criminal Democrat in The Open,
  1. Democrat’s Impeachment Obsession
    • Star Chamber Style No Less!
    • Counter-Revolutionary, Going Back to Pre-Revolutionary Europe!
    • What was Adam Schiff’s Sovereign Defense Immunity About?
    • Is there a crown involved with the Congressman?
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  1. Democrat Congress Opened the Door for the Virus
    • Then allowed the USMCA Upgrade of NAFTA To Cover Up their Irresponsible Behavior.


Allies Advocacy Mission Statement:

The virus attack by Socialist China against all of us globally may have been stopped by the USA Congress, Democrats had the info, Taiwan gave it too us.

Had Democrats been doing their oversite duty, that is a lot of Democrats’ actual job, lives could have been saved.

Democrats failed us, therefore millions were murdered in a Soviet Style Comprehensive National Power[1] Virus Attack.

About the Democrats’ Impeachment Obsession, that caused the distraction of that great USA Resource, the Congress. Democrats in the first place had no right to treat President Trump the way they did, NONE.  No authority to impeach where he was only doing his job.

The USA President is the chief law enforcement officer, and Biden was under investigation for suspicious Financial Transactions, Embezzlement, influence peddling, that we know of.

This was all about a phone call between the White House and Ukraine, and Democrat leadership was actually NOT going ahead with Impeachment because of that.

But Nancy Pelosi said she was getting uniformly mass calls daily to Impeach, regardless of.

Democrats shallow victory would have been thrown out by the Courts that refused to be involved in the Second impeachment to begin with, because Democrats co-mingled laws that are NOT meant to be used together, and there was NO INDICTMENT of any kind to impeach upon.

Democrats went into antiquity and threw-out our USA Constitutional Revolution, to bring back Star Chamber Style prosecution.  A prosecutor in search of a crime wherein fact today in the USA we go after crimes, and then their perpetrators.

That’s part of our Revolution.

The Democrats spent so much time working on impeachment that even legacy media started reporting that Democrats were missing oversite hearing obligations.  Democrats were trying to get home for Christman with the Treat of An Impeachment In Hand. This coincides with Democrats missing the virus first wave, and collaborating in the murder of millions of human beings.

Democrats passed up Regular Rule of Law Indictment(s) & Impeachment Due Process, because Democrats knew it would fail, because there was no crime and Trump in fact, was doing his job.  And after the Legacy Media got ahold of this story the Democrats conceived a coverup which involved finally passing a Trade Deal that made Trump look Great!

Democrats ended up passing the NAFTA (Canada/USA/Mexico trade agreement) upgrade USMCA to show they could chew gum and walk at the same time.

That was a 170,000 new jobs benefit to the USA that Democrats had thrown under the bus because it would make Trump look good.

Democrats via Obama had even gone on record that they had no idea what they were doing on Trade.  This is a pattern of Democrat malfeasant policy making, I’ll touch on it as much as I can.

And the Allies advocacy includes indicting the Democrat leadership on war crimes, terrorist funding, murder and other high crimes I believe every Episcopal and Anglican can get behind.  When shown fact-based arguments.

The other issue is that Democrats never help us, and literally spend time working against us, and against the greater good of humanity.

On this improper and truly criminal impeachment matter against Donald Trump.

Essentially Democrats in their hate, and in their corruption made aggravated attacks against the legally and properly elected Executive as much as they possibly could.

Some will look back over time and realize the serious idiocy of Democrats simply meant that they aren’t ready for real success in their lives.  Screaming about change that benefits civilization. Success a Republican Swamp Disruptor like Donald J.

Trump tried to provide.  And yet with tremendous head winds succeeded in reducing slavery, human trafficking, saved lives at the VA, brought historic peace to the Arab Street, and the most results-oriented President in the History of the USA except possibly Lincoln for holding the Union together.

This Impeachment was actually the triggering event that brought a State’s Convention into Allies advocacy, something you would normally stay away from.  But it looks like about 40 States have some common ground for a Convention.

And I hope as we advocate against Socialist, for a large increase in export revenue to stabilize my nation, and advancing allied economies globally with USA For-Profit capability.

That the State’s legislative policy offices, my various presentations, and resources you provide will get the Allies agenda across the finish line, and help populations both here in the USA and in the allied abroad.

Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

© 2023 Scott Schlatter


[1] If you can’t beat them legitimately, then you try to knock them. In the case of the CCP, they don’t mind mass murder.  July 13, 2021 American Thought Leaders with Gordon Chang on Chinese Drug Warfare, Military Buildup on the China-India Border, and the Crackdown on Didi. Jan Jekielek interviewing host & Sr. Epoch Times Editor

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