Democrats Slavery Tradition, is alive & well. While Republicans are Famous for Freeing Slaves

Democrats Slavery Tradition, is alive & well. While Republicans are Famous for Freeing Slaves

Again Republicans are famous for freeing slaves, economic advances, border security, & with Trump we saw 11 Anti-Slave Trafficking Laws & a real effort at border security.

Please see endnotes on an Epsilon Insights study about serious Republicans and Democrats Hate Republicans.

Therefore, Democrats wouldn’t have real solutions, here’s a working list of their sins on our real Slavery Problem here & now today, your input is appreciated …

Each category of Democrats Supporting Slavery has starter comments below:

Our Girls Taken; Whose paying to keep the Slave Trade working today/right now?; Organized Crime Cartel Involvement; Democrat Support Arab Street Enslavement of Blacks, Broadly & actively expanded the Franchise in Syria until Republicans Shut it down; Democrats Cheer On Communist Slave & Death Camps; Reparations Ideas are a cover & those Democrats should be indicted. Allies has a plan to do that.

  1. Our Girls Taken
  2. Defund the Police
  • Portland’s Summer Riots, were Wage Riots with an Arson Twist, Not about police brutality.
  • After multiple times of calling protesters back to stay on anti-law enforcement messaging New York anti-police organizers finally withdraw when the Study came out showing a nearly 80% supermajority of African Americans want a strong law enforcement presence. Paid Rioters kept complaining about a lack of jobs, and local legacy media reporting it broadly.


  1. Democrats Re-District by Road Elimination & Installing Wealth Destroying Obsolete Commuter Rail
  • Mobility Roads Create increases wages & home ownership by 250%
  • Democrats destroy resources needed for services like public safety, and the Democrats advocacy for unscreened borders may be causing the loss of $3Trillion a year in State, Local & Federal Tax Revenue. Each Year.
  • Democrats Cause the Failure to Protect Our Women & Encourage Slavery


  1. Thousands of Women Taken & Escape, File Class Action Against Hotels


  1. With the Clintons involvement in the Epstein captivity & pimping of young Girls, it brings these issues to the front:

How many Democrat Donors are Paying to keep the Slave Trade working?

Who Exactly Are They?


  1. Organized Crime Cartel Support & Involvement
  • Unscreened Borders
  • Radicalized Drug States like Oregon
  • Democrat Fund Raising
  • Republicans Taken
  • Organized Crime Cartels find a natural ally in Democrats
  • Lake Oswego (LO) is a Dumping Ground for the Nations Bad

The Cartels Parked in LO because it had gone bad

We Pushed Our Bad One’s into Portland-Lake Oswego (PLO), but if it’s going to be a business center we’ll stop doing that.  – Anonymous California Person Comment

This is where we have the one confirmed action against a Republican Advocate, for taken, forced into slavery, forced to do things & organ harvested when your blood type comes up.


  1. Democrats Involvement in Arab Street Slavery of Blacks

How high up the Totem Pole in Yankee-Ville does it go?


  1. Democrats let Syria Fail & Arab Extremists Establish Open Slave Markets

Trump Administration, with Trump Himself Causing the Military to secure Syria and clear out the Slave Markets in a matter of weeks.

Even legacy media was openly reporting this.


  1. Democrats have an incredible depth of relations with Communist Mainland China

Because they pay pretty well – anonymous Democrat

We see Republicans designate Mainland China a Genocidal State with Death & Work Camps, but Democrats just can’t seem to get on board.  In working against or even denouncing the largest actively enslaved population in human history.


  1. Reparations is a cover, denounced by the Black Caucus, for what are obvious policies supporting & encouraging slavery today.

There’s no excuse like We Didn’t Think it Thru or We’re the B-Team

It’s simply an evil waste of time and resources, Democrats need to get serious or be indicted.

[1] Per Capita Number One, Zuri Anderson December 7, 2020 How Sinful is Portland? See Where It Ranks Among The “Most Sinful Cities” for

[2] National Human Trafficking Hotline, to be rated even #6 of all cities is a huge deal for such a small city.  1.8 per 100,000 in 2018

[3] PSU Students Are the Most Likely in Oregon to Look For Sugar Daddies, By  Elise Heron in Willamette Week January 17, 2018

[4] Neighborhood  Portland higher than USA Averages in Every Category

[5] [5] From Echelon Insights Poll: Republicans Are Concerned About Real Issues, Democrats Concerned With Political Opposition FEBRUARY 24, 2021 By Tristan Justice at The Federalist



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