Israeli Color Revolution Operation in the USA: Election Interference

I’m requesting info & making a couple statements at this point. Scott

Via Iran, Israel became involved in Beijing’s 4Flanks Strategy on October 7, 2023.

Due to Allies anti-communist priority, I believed it was responsible to read the Israeli

Government into Allies Operations.

At that time I stated a strategic goal of establishing A Greater Israel that includes Lebanon & Syria.

& posted that the War in Gaza exposed prematurely a CCP Plan of Battle move.

This resulted in a fairly quick move by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Be-Be Netanyahu Offices.

IDF personnel secured a package intended for me, with a $2Billion Check in my name.

After some communicating I expected to have the funds, of NOT their money by the way, delivered

on submission of an updated briefing which came in at about 30 pages.

We want … A Clean Report… for their assembly.

So that was delivered in hard original signature & electronically. Then weeks started going by.

There are a couple, comments basically, We Want More Israel Priority.  My response at the moment

was This Sounds Like Blackmail. They get contrite & say Thankyou.  That is what leads to an

internal Israel issue on this matter.  80 agents & support volunteers had deployed in my

immediate proximity.

After more weeks, with no delivery, which was a walk across a parking lot at this point, comments

on our side like This is Peculiar & How Hard Is It to Walk Across a Fucking Parking Lot.

I’m told an FBI call was made directly to Be-Be which went harshly in the tone or actual of What The Fuck

Are You Doing? …Be-Be actually answered sternly yet calmly … FBI If any of that were true he (Scott, me)

wouldn’t have security.

That Was The Israeli Mission Unwind Trigger.

That 80 was a mixed crew with about 15 actual active Israeli government personnel. Those few were actually

abusive & very rude to me, until a few weeks ago.  And the whole unit consistently refused to call of

the op at Be-Be’s request, in light of the strong empowerment Agenda that Allies had for them.

Then a few Thursdays ago a Minister/General flew in directly from Israel & was seen walking around that

parking lot, I can ID him. & it’s a commercial facility where every angle is photographed day-by-day.

I picked up on some frustration, and he pulled the op.  AND I MEAN GONE,

then we have a dozen Hard Pile Driving Israeli Hitmen basically with WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN,

there’s some facility & site confirming then a BOLO goes out, & start seeing more Guns In the Open

around me.

Israel started going into a denial, oh shit that was stupid routine.

But on my Real World side of the street, this a lot of attention, like epic maybe.  At least to me,

and what do you know the Prime Minister wrote a Mission Authorization before something else,

that’s Title includes Election Interference.

So we had an extremely dangerous situation where my being killed came up a number of times.

Israeli Operations is concerned about getting ANY people going forward because this was

a historic opportunity, and Be-Be blew in a literally moronic move.

I would like a copy of the BOLO.

I would like a copy of any Israeli documentation.

Men are down, I would any reporting, that’s allowed to come my way.

I am making no promises on this, I’ll have to consult with other Republicans on a path

forward that may or may NOT include legislative sanctions against Israel.  Scott


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