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This is Part of the Climate Data Fraud Series: 

  1. Did anybody at the IPCC[1] or Michael Mann’s Staff or Colleagues think about known history here?
    • As a history specialist I can testify here, how did this even happen?! How did Democrats even screw this up?! That Bad!
  1. Mann is keeping his ‘science mathematics’ to himself, unscientifically
  1. This is looking like intimidation to me, and the left does that when they are confronted with Facts and/or their ideas unravel.
  2. I’m Requesting info on Michael Mann& Known Associates at any of the Legislative Blog Topic pages comments web mail, the Contact Us, or Allies PO Box 546, Vancouver, WA  98666
  1. Please, additionally, see my magazine We Don’t Do Camps request for articles, on climate. This is a call for expertise to litigate climate people, take their money and shut them down.
  2. From Allies Outline on Climate, on this websites Their Hockey Stick representation doesn’t even match up with the public records[i]. We had a population doubling in Europe in the Middle-Ages due to warming trend and improved farming methods[ii],  not unlike today.

Their Hockey Stick representation doesn’t even match up with the public records . We had a population doubling in Europe in the Middle-Ages due to warming trend and improved farming methods , not unlike today.


Graphs from Marc Morano’s Article in the Climate Deport August 24, 2019

Advocacy Mission Statement:

The lower graph by Canadian Professor Tim Ball matches the public record and I’m Bringing in an expert on European Public Records for This, seen on slide 12, titled Allies Outline on Climate, link: Allies Outline on Climate & Climate Data Fraud – for evidence outside of a climate persons, about known and hard climate facts.

Even I can testify about historic trends that were climate driven, that match up with Professor Ball’s graph.  And I’m a 53-year-old business professional!  I mean, NOBODY checked this before they rolled out with it.  Nobody!

The top graph by Michael Mann makes no historic sense, NONE, not even close to known public records.  Not Even Close To Reality, and there are allegations against Penn State’s Michael Mann.

Miraculously Mr. Mann was not prosecuted when the Canadian Provincial Supreme Court Fined Mr. Mann Million$ for Contempt because he refused too present an actual scientific theory.  Instead there is a fraudulent theory that has been the basis for this adverse climate advocacy by Democrats.

Mr. Mann had gone to Canada to initiate suit for defamation when Canada’s Professor Ball said the Penn State employee Mr. Mann needed to be in prison for his characterizations on climate.  The cockiness and lack of consequences in the USA for Democrats, their radicals and supporters having no bounds is the root of this frankly.

Outside the USA, Penn State’s Mr. Mann evaded criminal sanctions including imprisonment with the sacrifice of Million$ involved, and was able to leave Canada a free man.

The onerous is on me to find out exactly how that happened, I have some theories about Democrats intimidation from reports, but no murders were Involved on this one. Which is unusual but courts have their own security, and judges look very poorly at attacks on witnesses or defendants.  Democrat’s radicals know this.

Too find out what deal was made that prevented the climate people from being indicted for trial and prison is on me unless you have info can communicate to any of the Legislative Blog Topics comments web pages at the bottom of each Topic, the Contact Us, or the Allies PO Box 546, Vancouver, WA  98666.  Which is greatly appreciated.

There is a lot to say here in the face of the climate people that we need to litigate and legislate sanctions about.  Too get our money back, but I want to take a moment and take a look at the Hockey Stick image the leftist-allied socialist-Democrats are advocating.

It is an aggressive symbol, the left does escalate from coercion & intimidation too murder as their ideas unravel.  Legacy media is reporting assassinations and murder of Republicans for speaking truth.

Unbelievably this top graph from Michael Mann, on the comparison below, was utilized for policy purposes and despite court confrontations with Judgement against Mr. Mann, it seems policy is still in place based on this representation.

Most Democrats have advocated for catastrophic climate outcomes even though there is nothing scientifically backing that, does not match the known public records on climate, and in the worst case there might be a mitigation similar to what we see in Dutch lands that have ground beneath sea level.

And Steven Cohen, for example, who was Obama’s Undersecretary of Energy tells us One 500th of 1% that climate could slow the economy in the worst case[2].

Please provide info you are able too at, the bottom of each Legislative Blog Topics web mails, the Contact Us, or the Allies PO Box 546, Vancouver WA  98666


Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

© 2023 Scott Schlatter

[1] International Panel on Climate Change

[2] Larry Kudlow, Former Director Of The White House National Economic Council

From 6. above [i] I know that, therefore, as your video package host and book author I would like to point out that Iceland has a different language because it was cut off by an Ice Age.  That climate fluctuates, and another point I’ll present is the Viking Age in Europe matches up with climate issues.  None of this is represented in the Hockey Stick climate modeling by Michael Mann, and all I did was go to school and I know better.[ii] The Black Death: The World’s Most Devastating Plague, Dorsey Armstrong, Ph.D.

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