Democrats Reign of Terror:

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  1. I’m NOT Law Enforcement Yet There May be $Money In it For you. If You Saw Something, Know Something, Read an Article, please communicate that too me.
  1. Let’s see if we can make a difference in these problems?:
    1. Democrats Go Out of Their Way Too Go Too Far
    2. Biased Polls to stop voters?
    3. Big Pharma Delayed Press Release?
    4. Shadow Government?
    5. Media Bias?
    6. Organized Crime Cartel Involvement


  1. Please say what you can to any of the Reply “Leave a Comment” webmail at the bottom of any of these Legislative Blog Topics, the Contact Us, Or PO Box 546, Vancouver WA  98666


Mission Situation Summary & Information Request:

The Party of Stick to the Man has escalated to murder. Democrats go out of their way to go too far, and as control freaks want to impose whatever they want to do, on everyone else.

Democrats have abandoned their historic role of loyal opposition in loss when they were knocked down from a National Political Organization into a Regional Political Party.  That’s Democrats own self-description.

Democrats have no right to murder you. 

Democrats have no right to intimidate you.

Democrats are completely wrong.

Democrats don’t get the border right, Democrats don’t get climate right, Democrats don’t get government websites right, Democrats have it out for Republicans.  When it’s Republicans that actually make a difference in people’s lives.

There are credible reports that Democrats have made dozens of political assassinations, murdering Republicans.

We know, again with absolute certainty, that Former President Barack Hussain Obama has been after enemies. That he has not left the Capital, which is the normal Deal.  That Obama followed Trump around on State meetings, stalking Trump, and maintains an underground infiltrating the Federal Government.

We know that Democrats employ Organized Crime Cartel members to take out Republicans, or any person they simply don’t like. A moderate independent, for example, is a target.  Separately, there is a pattern of this type of reporting by agencies, media and analyst of the highest credibility, that Democrats appear attached too the CCP.

And the Democrat Party apparatus shows a partnering with Socialist China.  Not just in programs and taking resources, but refusing to do a Mueller Style Independent Counsel, when we know to an absolute certainty the Socialist backed a Democrat against their nemesis President Donald J. Trump.

The certainty level reports are each providing a type of umbrella statement without any details of who is doing it, utilizing networks, organized crime cartel connections, who was murdered or intimidated.

If an investigation is involved, please say what you can, and it’s okay that you can’t say something, let it play out.

And there are media reports on the murders and attacks.  The emails are secure and Allies practices is confidentiality unless there is some clear cause NOT to be.

As much as you are able please report:

  1. Who these victims are, and who murdered them?
  1. Who does the assassins associate with?
  1. These appear to be very globally mobile elements, who pays for that?
  1. What is Obama up too with this Shadow Government?
  1. How is Obama defining his enemies?
  1. Has Obama had anyone killed? Or intimidated? Or is it a wink & nod, how does it work?
  1. Are they utilizing the Organized Crime Cartels? How does that work exactly?
  1. The Socialist Chinese backed V.P. Joseph Biden, it looks like a typical influence peddling bribery transaction was involved, it’s publicly known Biden is under investigation for embezzlement, and influence peddling.

8a. And Biden & Harris and their teams and supporters utilization of climate to win elections or consideration, too.

  1. I need a verifiable list of Anti-Trump people, and organizations.


Who are these organizations and individuals that have gone against Trump supporters and technical support persons that include yet is not limited too Republican Attorney’s?

  1. Any organization including Big Pharma’s late vaccination announcements.
  1. Pollsters showing Democrats election wins in the pre-election to discourage voting Trump, or Any Republican politician or Political group against Trump.
  1. And any speech against Republicans.
  1. Connect the Dots. Whose for open borders?


Who is operating in or with Socialist China?

Who is against us?  Big Pharma, Any Corporations, Large Democrat Supporters,  Et cetera … .

  1. Expect that where there was and is one problem or a dozen Democrat problems, that there are going to be many more.


  1. Organized Crime Cartel actions do not operate in a vacuum. Saw something, See Something, Know Something please say something.

There maybe money in it for you.

  1. Who in the Legacy Media has had contact with Organized Crime Cartels? Any contact, an investigative piece on any level, is important to report.

Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

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