Flash Point Gaza: The Enemy has a Vote.

Flash Point Gaza: The Enemy has a Vote.

Part of the Contain, Reform or Kill Communist Chinese Apparatus with Return of Sovereignty to Taiwan Series. & With The Public Introduction of our policy for a Greater Israel

  1. Allies Policy & Agenda Statement
  2. A Greater Israel
  3. The New Gaza Objectives
  4. Immediate & Near-term Interventions in the USA to help Israel
  5. The Refund

Allies Policy & Agenda Statement:

I’m NOT Jewish. I made the decision for a Greater Israel based on my country’s needs.  Because we’ve invested $7Trillion on the Arab Street, lost lives, many of our soldiers are hurt, and we Have Little to Show for it.

My lobbying firm can go national, and then Global to support the installment of a Greater Israel, the Maintenance of a Greater Israel, and it’s survival and success in perpetuity.  Allies is my lobbying firm, with some unique things for us, are:

  1. We’re operating for wages, leases, taxes, events including fund raisers from a Foundation.
    1. This empowers us to move the ball forward with policy makers in certainty of our support going forward.
  2. Economic Development & Amendments Convention. Allies Field Offices are staffed for our core economic mission, but the strength of this presence is in the Amendments Convention. We can force treaties, military deployments, end the Federal Bureaucracy, make our Capital a decent city with rational juries, and the Unscreened Borders a thing of the past, et cetera … .

This isn’t about an assembly’s resolution, it’s about troops, it’s real world empowerment with State’s Rights.  How we are supposed to actually be operating as a nation, but we’re Republican and this is NOT a sea-to-shining-sea operation. It is enough ground though, for us to start taking control of the political terrain of the USA.

  1. Allies perspective it that the Communist Enemy considers my country the USA, an existential threat, that they believe needs to be destroyed.  They’re setting up flanks to overwhelm us, with a global approach that includes critical allies like Taiwan & Israel.

It’s the Communist manipulation of Iran combined with the USA Democrat Party’s acquiesce to Communist , and Democrat’s economic empowerment of Iran with oil sales & the Iran Deal that has allowed the problem, and created actual wars already.  


Therefore, Allies considers Obama, Kerry & Biden war criminals, and Jihadist Financiers. It’s the Iran Deal.


Issues of our Gaza-Israel October 7 response, which Allies considers to  actually be an Arab State (Iran) jumping-the-gun on a Communist Strategic Plan of Battle Flank to Deplete USA Resources.  Over a peace treaty that didn’t go their way. This demands attention, initiating our strategic response possibly years ahead of schedule, and Allies request for direct action.


Strategic Policies & Actions We Can Take include:

  • The New Gaza, mitigating Gaza as a Threat For All Time,
  • Strategic Policy of Establishing,Maintaining & Keeping a Greater Israel. That includes Lebanon, Syria & Gaza.
  • What we can do now,
    • The Hate Crimes, Educate the Public …
  • The Refund economic development, with Weapon Systems and Medicine Back-ups.


  1. A Greater Israel
    1. Israel can take a Greater Role in Stabilizing & Security on the Arab Street with the right support. Political, educate the public in my country with an emphasis on mitigating antisemitism, Military & Economic Development


  1. Allies will Facilitate & Back: Operation Room to Breath,


  1. The complete elimination of Hamas, and Hezbollah with the absorption of Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza into a Greater Israel.


  1. Alliesisn’t simply a Republican Unity Story, which Allies will advocate for Operation Room to Breath here in the USA. Yet has a global ambition to ally over a 100 Nations both economically, and against Socialism.


  1. This alliance will help Alliesbasic For-Profit mission of Export Nation USA. But much more because I believe we’ll be able to address sovereignty issues, like banning Iran in every way, recognizing a Greater Israel, providing additional resources with the greater global wealth appearing outside Europe/USA/Japan, and finally shutting down the gangster Chinese Communist Party non-constitutional corporate government. Finally bringing rule of law, Intellectual Property (IP) protections, the Red Cross in every Communist


  1. The New Gaza Objectives:
    1. Gaza is turned into a parking lot for a United States Navy Super Heavy Fleet Carrier Group.
      1. Typically such garrisons are the cheapest in our inventory
    2. The civilian population is relocated to Somalia
  2. I want the cost of this passed onto Europe, which in the Allies rollout is a Phase Two, but juxtapose we want the Arabs and ANY of their Hamas supporters relocated As Soon As Possible. Particularly the Arabs in Europe.
  3. The Kingdom of Jordan becomes the new forward operating base location instead of Qatar.
  4. Hamas & Hezbollah Leadership and funding sources are captured or killed.


  1. Immediate & Near-Term interventions in the USA to help Israel:
    1. Legislate Security for Jewish & Israel Supporters where we’re seeing attacks, and where were just seeing people afraid to go out.
    2. Ask policy makers what they can each do to rescue hostages, Empower Israel & mitigate Terrorist Armies like Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, their supporters and Allies.
    3. There are obvious educate the public issues going on, where Allies needs to diminish antisemitism, and it’s going to have to be an active & strategic operation.

I’m NOT setup for this right now.  Because the Portland-Lake Oswego, Oregon (PLO) Anti-Job Creation-Slaver-Yankee vs. Fact Checking Publisher I just call the PLO has blocked, intercepted and literally destroyed over $3Billion in resources.

  1. Outlawing Hamas & Hezbollah members, and seizing or destroy Enemy resources including fund raising & public protest supporters.
    1. With criminal penalties.
  2. Vilify Hamas, Hezbollah & Iran with an emphasis on October 7 victims, but we want to show attacks on US & NATO Ally Troops, too.
  3. Inquire & research to create a Real World Plan to achieve Strategic Objectives, of a Greater Israel, for example.
  4. We can do Friends of the Court & even see about hiring Defense attorneys to help guarantee attackers and people that threaten go to prison.


  1. The Refund
    1. I want to see a lasting benefit to any supporters.  I can’t guarantee an economic result, but Allies is a lobbying firm with a core mission of economic development.  With an objective of a High wage recession proof production economy here at home based largely on export revenue, and helping our friends around the world.
    2. Our fund raising, service fees, & your donations are the only in the format to ask for your support
    3. I want to see a nation that donates say a Billion gets that amount in economic activity, and more.
  • For Individuals I hope you see a benefit in our pushback of the Communist, Support of Israel against the Jihadis, and are efforts to end Climate Data Fraud. Bringing back cheap energy, low Gas & Diesel prices, and better spending of our tax dollars.
    1. There is the expectation with me personally, that I’ll help advance weapon systems, the types of which we are currently experiencing gaps & shortages. I’ve also declared support for stealth missiles for nuclear weapons strikes, and anti-ballistic missiles in Operation Babysitter. Which is a move against Russia to take Russian Siberia and give it to the Chinese.

I call it Operation Baby because Republicans make tools we need a reality while Democrats try to shut us down.  Therefore, you have to keep an eye on them, to make certain we have the tools we need.

Allies is a Mission to Make the USA a Globally Competitive Export Nation in the belief that The Shot Heard Round The World, the American Revolution.  Is a Resource For Global Good, Ending Poverty in a For-Profit Way, and Creating a Great flowering of Humanity During this Ideal Climate Age

© 2024 Scott Schlatter

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