Contain and Reform, or End the Chinese Communist Party


Flash Point Gaza: The Enemy has a Vote.

Part of the Contain, Reform or Kill Communist Chinese Apparatus with Return of Sovereignty to Taiwan Series. & With The Public Introduction of our policy for a Greater Israel


Issues include Depleted USA Resources. Mitigating Gaza as a Threat For All Time, and a Strategic Policy of Establishing, Maintaining & Keeping a Greater Israel. That includes Lebanon, Syria & Gaza. What we can do now, & The Refund.


The Communist Enemy considers my country the USA, an existential threat, that they believe needs to be destroyed.  They’re setting up flanks to overwhelm us, with a global perspective that includes critical allies like Taiwan & Israel.

It’s the Communist manipulation of Iran combined with the USA Democrat Party’s economic empowerment of Iran that has allowed the problem, and created actual wars already.  

Therefore, Allies considers Obama, Kerry & Biden war criminals, and Jihadist Financiers. Links below for the outline.

Allies is a lobbying firm, that at it’s core is an economic advocate for a For-Profit Export Nation USA.  That is high wage, recession proof, and of great value to the global community in their various journeys out of poverty, or advancing themselves to wealth.

So the survival and success of the USA has to be foremost to Allies Operations. And unfortunately, we’ve run into quite a few security problems, which requires us to advocate for the mitigation of those threats.

To achieve this mitigation, Allies has taken a few positions to stabilize, protect and empower the USA. In order of Appearance here is the critical need for A Greater Israel; The New Gaza; Immediate & Near-Term interventions in the USA to help Israel; and economic development policy for partners I call The Refund


  1. A Greater Israel
    1. We’ve invested $7Trillion on the Arab Street, lost lives, hurt many of our soldiers, and Have Little to Show for it.
    2. Israel can take a Greater Role in Stabilizing & Security on the Arab Street
      1. Allies will Back & Facilitate: Operation Room to Breath,
        1. The complete elimination of Hamas, and Hezbollah with the absorption of Lebanon and Gaza into a Greater Israel.
        2. Allies isn’t simply a Republican Unity Story, which Allies will advocate for Operation Room to Breath here in the USA. Yet has a global ambition to ally over a 100 Nations both economically, against Socialism.
          1. This alliance will help Allies basic For-Profit mission of Export Nation USA. But much more because I believe we’ll be able to address sovereignty issues, like banning Iran in every way, recognizing a Greater Israel, providing additional resources with the greater global wealth, and finally shutting down the gangster Chinese Communist Party non-constitutional corporate government. Finally bringing rule of law, Intellectual Property (IP) protections, the Red Cross in every camp.


  1. The New Gaza
    1. Is turned into a parking lot for a United States Navy Fleet Carrier Group
      1. Typically such garrisons are the cheapest in our inventory
    2. The civilian population is relocated to Somalia
      1. I want the cost of this passed onto Europe, which in the Allies rollout is a Phase Two, but juxtapose we want the Arabs and ANY of their Hamas supporters relocated As Soon As Possible.
    3. The Kingdom of Jordan becomes the new forward operating base location
    4. Hamas & Hezbollah Leadership and funding sources are captured or killed.


  1. Immediate & Near-Term interventions in the USA to help Israel:
    1. Legislate Security for Jewish & Israel Supporters where we’re seeing attacks.
    2. Ask policy makers what they can each do to rescue hostages, Empower Israel & mitigate Terrorist Armies like Hamas and their supporters.
    3. Outlawing Hamas & Hezbollah members, resources including fund raising & public protest supporters.
      1. With criminal penalties.
    4. Vilify Hamas, Hezbollah & Iran with an emphasis on October 7 victims.
    5. Inquire & research to create a Real World Plan to achieve Strategic Objectives.
    6. We can do Friends of the Court & even see about Defense attorneys to help guarantee attackers and people that threaten


  1. The Refund
    1. Allies is a lobbying firm
      1. Our fund raising is only in the format to ask for your support
    2. For those that contribute we want to see a benefit for you.
      1. For example the USA, Taiwan, Israel are critical partners. And because Allies core is economic, and we are staffed for, we will work to improve Tax, Regulatory & attract investment. Jobs and public safety is key for us, and you.
      2. In the instance of Taiwan we want to aid in immigration from the Densely populated island to regions of the USA that need economic development, and have jobs for these folks.
        1. Hong Kong is a key human capital issue that the Communist are forcing relocations to their capital of Beijing.

It’s Hong Kong that built 8% of the Mainland Chinese economy out of nothing, nothing but a remote port outpost.

We need that capability in my country, and NOT with the Communist.



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